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  1. thanks but i want a real autograph card of him! on ebay.de most are falsified! on ebay.com they cost 29 $ and more! i thought that anybody know him or give me the adress from his assistent. Denis P.s.: Sorry that i make this message in two differents forum, i don´t know where i put in the message!
  2. Hi! I´m 15 years old and i come form Germany/Berlin! I have already send two requirements to America to two differents Adresses, but i don´t have get an autograph card from him! In the last requirement i send two International reply coupon with, but i don´t get a autograph card from will! That is really expensively... Can anybody help me with a real autograph adress or can anybody from you they know him send me an autograph card?? It would be so great...!! Many thanks in advance for your kindness. Denis Gick E-Mail: denis.gick@onlinehome.de