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    Nice break down....but it doesn't compare to the way the Prince just kicked down the door and made the entire rap game (old and new) snap their heads in his direction. He must be putting the finishing touches on the album if he's bold enough to drop this.
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    This truely is a great moment in hip hop history it's the equivalent of Michael Jordan coming out of retirement in his prime and battling lebron James I'm in awe FP hasn't lost a step he should be in more peoples top 5 rappers of all time.
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    20 Years of JazzyJeffFreshPrince.com

    Wow, 20 years huh? That's absolutely incredible. I am currently at work and suddenly this community came to my mind. As I couldn't remember the name of the domain I had to google it. :D I am really happy that the board is still up and running. I love to remember all the games that could be played on the board and even some of my private messages I just got to see are about a game that could be played. haha I also remember the hidden download section where I shared the acapella of Switch or the rare promotional version of Gettin Jiggy Wit It. That must have been like 10 years ago. I can also remember some of the names that were mentioned in the comments here like e.g. Julie, Brakes, AJ. I believe I have got a song of Da Brakes somewhere on my computer's hard drive. Good to see that you are all doing well!