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This is Important. Make sure you read before posting. 1. If more than one user account is registered with the same IP address you will be automatically banned. 2. Do not talk to people in posts, asking them to chat etc, use the PM feature if you want to send a message to someone 3. Do not go ridiculously off topic in posts, we are more lenient in the caught in the middle off topic forum, but if you are posting nonsense in a serious on topic discussion you will be banned. 4. Do not lie, thats an automatic ban 5. Do not pretend to be anyone that you are not 6. Do not harass other members of the forum 7. Do not swear, this is a family friendly forum, a lot of younger people around, and will doesnt curse in his records and we try to uphold that here 8. Do not post any pornographic material 9. Do not spam 10. Do not take something from this forum and post it elsewhere without first getting the permission from the member who originally posted that material. 11. Do not unnessecarily bring up old posts 12. Don't harass people with PMs 13. Don't Post copyrighted material 14. Do not flame posts if you have a problem with someone take it to PMs