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Lost and Found


1. Here He Comes
2. Party Starter
3. Switch
4. Mr. Niceguy
5. Ms. Holy Roller
6. Lost & Found
7. Tell Me Why (Featuring Mary J. Blige)
8. I Wish I Made That/Swagga
9. Pump Ya Brakes
10. If U Can't Dance (Slide)
11. Could U Love Me
12. Loretta
13. Wave Em Off
14. Scary Story
15. Switch - Main R & B Remix
16. Comin to the Stage

Will Smith Lost and Found Album Cover

Don't download, go out and buy the Record!!

Will Smith's new album is out now so remember to go out and buy the record and support Will, don't download it!

Will Talks Party Starter Music Video

As revealed here a few weeks ago Paul Hunter has directed the Party Starter Music Video.

Will Smith's Greatest Selling Albums

US Soundscan Numbers

Big Willie Style 9, 000, 000
He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper 3, 000, 000
Willennium 2, 100, 000
Homebase 2, 000, 000
And in this Corner 900, 000
Lost and Found 683, 769
Rock The House 600, 000
Code Red 316, 000
Born To Reign 237, 000
JJFP Greatest Hits 160, 000
Will Smith Greatest Hits 70, 000

Party Starter Banners

Exclusive New Tatyana Ali & Kel Spencer Track!

Jazzyjefffreshprince.com has the first Tatyana Ali track in more than 6 years after her appearance on "Who Am I?" on Willennium in 99. The track is "Grindin" and it features Kel Spencer. The track will be on the "Who Is Kel Spencer" mixtape released in July. Who is Kel Spencer? well check our interview with him here. In the meantime go download this amazingly hot track in the forums. World exclusive! You won't be disappointed this song is gonna be huge.

Party Starter Second Single

Party Starter will definitely be the next single from Lost and Found. It should be released in July.

New Kel Spencer Interview!

Kel Spencer the co-writer of "Switch" talks to jazzyjefffreshprince.com about working with Will, hip-hop and his solo career. Check out the interview here .

And if you havent already check out my interview with Kwame the producer of Switch here.

Lost and Found Sales

Week 1

98, 000
Week 2 60, 167
Week 3 48,056
Week 4 47, 142
Week 5 31,734
Week 6 30, 301
Week 7 26, 040
Week 8 24,845
Week 9 24, 635
Week 10 25, 394
Week 11 30, 347
Week 12 30, 511
Week 13 26, 969
Week 14 23, 008
Week 15 20, 363
Week 16 17, 040
Week 17 12, 381
Week 18 10, 832
Week 19 9, 648
Week 20 8, 176

It's current total sales is 604, 437

Lost and Found goes Platinum WorldWide

Lost and Found has now sold over 1 million records worldwide. Lost and Found has sold 418, 256 copies in the US. Sales of the album increased this week, look for Lost and Found to go Gold in just a few weeks. Lost and Found will become Will's 7th album to go gold.

Party Starter Music Video Filmed 2 weeks ago

They recently shot the Party Starter music video in New York. The music video was directed by Paul Hunter.

Will walks into a broken run down club, he comments that the place ain't what it used to be, and then he picks up a mic on the floor. At this point the room comes alive, a sign saying "Hip Hop since '85 comes down, and people come through the room and start dancing to the song. Jazzy Jeff is also in the video. When they get to the last chorus the building falls apart, and people get out while the music continues playing. The music video will be hitting the usual outlets in the next few weeks.

Will Smith Concert Released June 14

Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff Concert DVD will be released with the Hitch DVD at Wal-Mart exclusively on June 14th. Pre-order the DVD Now

On the DVD Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince perform:

Getting Jiggy Wit it
Men in Black
Tell Me Why (with Mary J. Blige)
I Wish I Made That
Party Starter
Lost & Found

The concert goes for about 60 minutes.

Will Smith Live in Concert Walmart DVD plus Hitch DVD

Party Starter - Second Single?

It looked as if Tell Me Why would be the second single for Lost and Found but apparently Polow (producer of party starter) and a couple of Interscope A&R's were mixing a new version for radio recently. Look for Party Starter to be released in June.

Switch hits Worldwide

#1 Australia
#2 Belgium
#3 New Zealand
#3 Netherlands
#4 Ireland
#4 UK
#4 Germany
#5 Japan
#6 Austria
#7 US
#8 China
#8 Italy
#13 Switzerland
#14 Denmark
#16 Israel

Lost and Found Album Reviews

Check out over 60 reviews of Lost and Found from various newspaper publications and web sites here

Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince on Tim Westwood

Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff were on BBC1 with Tim Westwood this past weekend. Will Smith rips another freestyle over Lean Back and then they play an exclusive DJ Jazzy Jeff Remix of I Wish I Made That. To Check it out go here:


Click on Saturday's show, they come on at 12:49

46664 Concert DVD

The Nelson Mandela 46664 concert will go in sale in South Africa on DVD. The concert includes a Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince performance of I Wanna Rock, Men In Black, Gettin Jiggy Wit It, Switch & Summertime in front of 20, 000 people.

Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince Live DVD!

Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff recently filmed a live performance for a DVD at a secret location in LA. The DVD will be released at Walmart. Songs that were performed include Getting Jiggy Wit it, Miami, Men in Black, Switch, Summertime , Tell Me Why (with Mary J. Blige), Party Starter and I Wish I Made That. The performance will start showing on Wal Mart TV(In Stores) The dvd will be released in June.

Tell Me Why(ftg Mary J Blige) Details

Some more details about the next single, which Will calls the greatest song he's ever written. This is from "Anon" on the JJFP Forum who saw Will & Mary J Blige perform it at the taping in LA for the DVD..

"He introduced the song by talking about how his kids always ask him why bad things happen like 9/11 and riots and bombings and things like that and the whole song is along the line of "why do we do this to each other?" and "why can't we all live in harmony" kind of idea. It's a combination of Mary J singing her heart out and Will rapping. It was realllllllly intense. We were all pretty quiet during it b/c some parts are pretty sad"

Switch moving up in the Charts

This week Switch makes its move
#65 to #56 on the Billboard Hot 100
#31 to #20 on Billboards Hot Digital Songs
#38 to #34 on Billboard Pop 100
#18 on MTV's Top 20
#16 on VH1's Top 20
#2 on iTunes Top 100
#7 on Connect.com Downloads Chart
#84 to #65 on Mainstream Urban Radio

Will Smith @ Nickelodeons 18th Annual Kids Choice Awards

Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff will perform Switch @ the live telecast of the kids choice awards on April 2

Switch to no. 2 on iTunes

Switch is now the 2nd most popular song on iTunes, and the no. 1 Hip-Hop/Rap Track at the digital music store. Buy Switch now and take Will to no. 1!!!

Buy Switch @ iTunes Music Store for only $0.99
You can also buy the RnB Remix of Switch Exclusively from iTunes

Second single from Lost and Found "Tell Me Why"

Will was on "This Morning" in the UK today and he announced "Tell Me Why" with Mary J Blige would be the second single. It was initially going to be the first single before
they went with Switch.

This is what Will had to say about the song "It's either tied for number one, or it's the second best record i've ever written, you know, Summertime is my all time number one record and it's either tied with that or number 2"

Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff will perform in South Africa next week

The 46664 Concert will be hosted by Will, and JJFP will perform. To learn more about 46664 and the fight against aids visit the 46664 website

Promote the Album

Get the word out about Will's new album! Everyone use this as your signature on forums or for banners on websites! More versions of this on the forums

Will Smith Lost and Found Promotion

Will talks about Lost and Found and his return to Rap

In this excellent article which appeared in The Times in the UK Will Talks about his return to rap. Read the Article here:

Fresh Prince Back to take rap to new heights


Switch has now been released around the World.

Old Lost and Found info ...

  • New Will Smith album "Lost and Found" released on Interscope Records

  • First single "Switch" produced by kwame
  • He describes the new album as a "snapshot of my life." Will says "It's the most in-depth, revealing writing that I've done in my career,"
  • Next 6-8 months focused on music.
  • Plans worldwide tour, jadas band wicked wisdom will be the opening act
  • "Mr Nice Guy" a track on the new album is about how people mistake being nice for being soft, Will has sumthin for Eminem on this track.
  • a remix of switch has reggae artist elephant man on it
  • track with Snoop Dogg on the album called "Pump ya Brakes"
  • Will describes the album as a "departure" from his previous albums
  • Switch music video was directed by Paul Hunter
  • Will has been recording tracks for the album since 2003
  • Will has spent the last year totally focused on music.. having no movies scheduled
  • the album will have multiple tracks with Jazzy Jeff on it
  • Recorded over 50 tracks for the album
  • Recorded 4 traxs with petey pablo in 2003
  • Recorded traxs with korean producer park jin young Dec 2003
  • Will plans to tour to promote the album
  • Track with Mary J Blige is on the album
  • Has describes the new tracks as old school retro hip hop
  • Described the music as more serious than the past, but still fun
  • Recorded many traxs by himself using latest computer software(Reason & Protools)
  • Producing some beats by himself
  • Will has been in the studio with kanye West
  • Will's worked with Timbaland on some tracks
  • Recorded a track with Ludacris called "Party Starter"

Will Interview on Z100

Will was on Z100 recently this is what he had to say about the album..

"This is my 9th album and its like i feel im saying more things than i've ever said before... im saying stuff that i've kinda avoided sayin in the past... theres things about my divorce and things about what fame does ..i never say that stuff so i feel like its a real slice of me ..i have a friend she went holy roller so i have a record "miss holy roller" which talks about the dangers of that kind of aggressive religious fundamentalism yeah we got a couple of party records ive worked with petey...i worked with snoop the record with snoop is called "pump ya brakes" and its just about people and girls and people just being really aggressive your famous and people think that they can just come... i got a record with mary j blige thats really good i got some things people are gonna be really surprised" after theyve played switch "you cant start off serious..you gotta have a little fun you open it up with the dance video let people feel the sense of the will smith you all know and love"

"people are gonna be very surprised i went some places i never gone with my music before ..theres a record you know eminem dissed me on his record people are used to me not respondin to that kind of thing its just a little somethin its not too much its a record called mr nice guy

"theres a track ludacris did for me called party starter he took me to a really different place for me... generally i kinda lay back into the track a little bit..another party song but really uptempo ..just really aggressive for me.. i have some songs that people are really gonna be surprised and shocked and still a lot of fun and is the first time i really said everything that i wanted to say .. in the past i always say oh lets temper that a little bit or hold on you know it has to be fun ..so im being very comfortable just saying what i think and feel and things about me and my life and my family that i may have not said before."

"Lost and Found..its interesting symbolism"

Worldwide Release Dates

Lost & Found

USA - March 29
UK - March 28
Australia - March 28
Rest of the World - Between March 28 and 1st week of April

Switch Single

Australia - March 14
Germany - March 14
UK - March 21

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