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Enemy of The State

Enemy of the State was another Jerry Bruckheimer production which had Tony Scott at the helm with Will Smith acting alongside Gene Hackman. Will Smith was able to star in a very entertaining movie while showing off his more dramatic acting abilities in the role. This Will Smith movie took over a 100 million dollars at the box office and remains a favorite on DVD.

Original Release Date: November 16, 1998


Will Smith
Gene Hackman
Jon Voight
Regina King

Director: Tony Scott

Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer

Movie Budget: 90 Million

Box Office
Domestic: 111.5 Million
Overseas: 139.1 Million
Overall: 250.6 Million

DVD Details
Versions: Standard, Special Edition
Release Date : April 2, 2002

Bonus Features

  • The Making of Enemy of the State
  • All Access: The Showdown
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Jones Gets Bitten
  • Confrontation at the Limousine Service
  • Dean Searches for Brill on the Ferry
  • Feidler digs the Nanny
  • Theatrical Trailer


Hot hollywood favorite Will Smith(Men In Black, Independance Day, Ali) stars with two-time Academy Award winner Gene Hackman in a high powered suspense thriller where non stop action meets cutting-edge technology, Robert Clayton Dean (Smith) is a successful Washington, D.C. Attorney who - without his knowledge - is given a video that ties a top official of the National Security Agency (Oscar winner Jon Voight) to a political murder, instantly, every aspect of Dean's once normal life is targeted by a lethal team of skilled NSA surveillance operatives, who wage a relentless, ultahigh-tech campaign to discredit him and retreive the incriminating evidence. Also featuring Regina King(Jerry Maguire, Boyz 'N the Hood) in an impressive, star-studded cast - get ready for the action to explode as Dean desperately races to reclaim his life and prove his innocence...before its too late!

Best Scene

It would have to be the scene on top of the roof. Gene Hackmen is such a strong actor and Will had to lift his game to another level to keep with him. This scene is so strong and you can feel the intensity as they are surrounding Dean and "Brill." Brill is explaining and uncovering the devices on Dean and he is quickly coming to the realisation of the situation he is in.


BMI Film Music Award - Harry Gregson-Williams, Trevor Rabin
Blockbuster Entertainment Award - Favorite Actor - Action/Adventure - Will Smith


Dean "What the hell is happening? "
Brill "I blew up the building."
Dean "Why?"
Brill "Because you made a phone call."

Brill "If you live another day I will be very impressed."

Brill "You're either incredibly smart or incredibly stupid."

Dean "Hey, I'll be back to get my blender."





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