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Here is a link 2 a site that contains 8 new trax off Janet Jackson's next album that drops March 30th!! I can't wait 4 this new album, sounds brilliant!!

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I'm still raving about "Thinkin' 'Bout My Ex"...Babyface outdid himself on the production of this track!! And the lyrics are like nothing else i've every heard.

I do agree that 2 or 3 of those trax are a lil' weak, but i'm sure they'll come across different when they are bumping thru' speakers.
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[quote=Hero1,Mar 19 2004, 09:57 PM]to the janet fans out there..any1 like "got til its gone" ?? that is the dopest track..and the single has some great remixes![/quote]
"Got Til It's Gone" is dope!! Man, i LOVE that song. The single waz never released here in the US so i've never heard the remixes (except 4 the one on the "Together Again" single). I've seen import versions online that i've always intended on getting one day.

Other Janet favs of mine are Escapade, Together Again, That's The Way Love Goes, The Best Things In Life Are Free w/ Luther Vandross, BBD, + Ralph Tresvant, Again, And On And On, Everytime, etc
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wow the single has abt 7 remixes..this nellee hooper 1 which is real dirty..but my favorite is this real mellowed out mix of got til its gone..its actually better than the original!! this would be in my top 5 singles i own
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