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Nas - Hip Hop Is Dead


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01) 'Don't Hate Me Now' (Salaam Remi)

02) 'QB Tru Gs' f/The Game (Dr. Dre)

03) 'Black Republican' f/Jay-Z (L.E.S.)

04) 'Where Y'all At' (Salaam Remi)

05) 'Play On Playa' f/Snoop Dogg (Scott Storch)

06) 'Still Dreaming' f/Kanye West & Chrisette Michelle (Kanye West)

07) 'White Man's Paper' f/Damien Marley (Afrikan)

08) 'Blunt Ashes' (Chris Webber)

09) 'Hip-Hop Is Dead' f/Will.I.Am. (Will.I.Am)

10) 'Where Are They Now' (Nas and Salaam Remi)

11) 'Let There Be Light' f/Tre Williams (Kanye West)

12) 'Not Going Back' f/Kelis (Star Gate)

13) 'Can't Forget About You' f/Chrisette Michelle (Will.I.Am)

14) 'Hold Down The Block' (Mark Batson)

Cover is dope...

You can hear the Track with Game right here...http://www.hiphopgame.com/index2.php3?page=tracks1

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i actually thopught of album covers like that, but that one is better i think, mine was like hip hop on a gravestone and me with a shovel digging to the casket

but i like this, its really cool, cant wait to hear it! i hear its going to be one of his best

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Hopefully Nas comes strong here and it lives up to all the hype, btw the one thing I don't get is why does Will.I.Am only sing the hooks when he's featured, why doesn't he rap on any of them?

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wow this fall/winter lineup has been unreal, even kanye in an mtv interview mentioned there's too much good music for him to put out a cd lol

There was a lot of hot albums during the summer too, 2006 was a great year for hip-hop, I don't see how it's dead really, yeah that cover is awesome too, a lot of great guests on there too

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Well I'd imagine there would be a lot of guests on this album, there's a reason why he went to Def Jam, he wants this album to sell millions, and I hope he does too, it's time for real mcs to top the charts for a change, yeah basically what's been released so far I think this album's gonna be his best album in quite a while, Nas always delivers though, btw speaking of Game where could you get that extended version of "Why You Hate On The Game?" with Nas featured on it, I remember Game saying there was a 10 minute version of the song but it was too long to go on his album so there was the shorter version there instead, is it on a mixtape?

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The version that came on my album was 9:22, so that could be the one you are talking about.

Well I never actually timed it yet, I just played it in my stereo where you can't see the time on it, I'll just throw in my PC here and see how long it is, yeah it is 9:22, but is there an even longer version?

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