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I remember at one point someone heard a beastie boys song and they mentioned "jazzy j" I'm not sure if it was ever answered but I posted it on the beastie boys website in their forum and someone said that jazzy jeff and jazzy j are different people but they are both dj's.

just to clear that up for anyone!!
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Guest Prince
[quote=KevTastic,Aug 10 2004, 10:32 AM]Yeh i remember a similar thing being mentioned about his name on a Linkin Park record. Defo not the same guy[/quote]
Yup, the mention is on their album "Reanimation" which is a remix album. The mention is on the song "RNW@Y", a remix of "Runaway", and goes "and jazzy j, they paved the way" rapped by a guest MC. Although, looking at lyrics online it looks unconnected to DJ Jazzy Jeff.
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