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New KRS-ONE album!


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Never heard of this until I saw it in Best Buy today. Another example of real hip-hop not being promoted. Excellent reviews, I hope they're right.


And a smart review of it:


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It came out the same day as Busta's album last summer, I mentioned it once but didn't say anything anymore since some people on this board get on me about talking about KRS so much, lol, but on the real though KRS really brought it on this album and the damn truth is he's a better mc than 95% of the rappers that get hyped on this board, Game and them are cool but they sure ain't f'ing with "The Teacha"!!! I'm happy somebody mentioned it finally, probably the most underrated album of the year, KRS' probably the most consistant mc ever in my book, I think that was his 14th album, can't wait till he releases the album next year with Marley Marl, should be another classic, now a Marley Marl track with KRS and LL would be heaven to my ears

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I STILL haven't gotten this album. I waz actually thinking about getting it 2day (b4 i even saw this post) but i never left the house. After seeing alot of the names that have been in the post titles recently, i'm glad 2 see KRS-One's name up here. I listened 2 his 2nd solo album just yesterday. Definitly a real talent in Hip-Hop.

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It's definately time to get back to give credit for the real lyricists like KRS, real hip-hop quotables right here off his last classic album "Life", hopefully real mcs like him and FP never put down the mic anytime soon, hip-hop needs them:

"F'd Up":

"Yo, I'm a true school cat, just a cool cool cat

Got security tellin these people to move back

I got two new tracks, somethin new from DAT's

Tunnel Rats with Proper and Triune in the back

I don't move with a pack, I move membership

Hip-Hop we livin it and what I'm doin is rap

But cats wanna talk that crap

'Til they see that I'm not playin, you better {get what I'm sayin}

Everyday more betrayin, more lyin, and from friends

More crime and more revenge - HUSH

Things are really rough; cause there's really no one out there

that I doubt that you can really trust

Them guns bust - how many hustlers gotta die

go to jail for a fiend to get a rush?

From ashes to dust, that man of lust

is decayin, you better {get what I'm sayin}"

"My Life:

"Eighty-five comes in, eighty-six comes in

The marijuana with the cocaine mix comes in

High class hustlers, I'm takin flicks with them

My first songs Red Alert, he's mixin them

This a far cry from a kid sleepin on the bench

Now I'm V.I.P. in the club, this don't make sense

But it does, as I take daps and hugs

from cats that move drugs, they say "Kris rise above"

Everybody knew my style, Kris was no coward

I wanted to get in the game but my peeps wouldn't allow it

They'd say, "Read them books and write them hooks

Save our children, give 'em a whole new outlook"

So I did, I lived like any street kid

But I was handed 20 books, others were handed 20 year bids

Still they wouldn't sell to your mother or your wife

There was respect man~! Let me tell you 'bout my life"

"Still Slippin'":

"They slippin Duke

You slippin Duke, you trippin Duke

Rememeber you still livin in a corporate chicken coop

With a hundred other chickens yellin get that loot

Makin a hundred other chickens tryin to spit what's cute

But KRS spits the fruit

My words are not hollow, I'll lead you out the chicken suit

You slippin Duke, I got proof, spit truth in the club

So the colleges man, we get so loose

What's the use, you slippin Duke, how America great

when Iraq, had no nukes, now OOPS

Whatever happened to samples and loops?

The same thing that happened to organs and flutes, and real artists

Thank God for The Roots, the soldier that's home with his family

Support for the troops yeah, now let's start this

I've taught many groups, been through many suits

Teachin new recruits that can't take it back to hula hoops

I know we're on mute, stand up straight

I'm like Skywalker without the loot, you slippin Duke"

"Life Interlude":

"With every breath I breathe I choose life for the children

With every breath I breathe I choose a wife and good livin

With every single breath that I ingest I am given

A smidgen to make life-changin decisions, listen

My mission with precision will position our children

by the millions to start buildin our culture for the billions

and trillions of people comin after us

If they doubt, they won't be as fast as us

Cause in our time we kick a new power rhyme

We keep renewin your mind, cause soon you will find

That every single breath that I breathe keeps us conscious

Enough to perceive and achieve if you believe

But oxygen comes from the trees

Without air for four minutes forget it you catchin some Z's

So which is really conscious, us or nature?

Maybe the trees wish to elevate the paper

And maybe this was just the fall

To forget that nature thinks, we doin nothin at all

And this is the way of the world

The world meanin the conscious nature and the earth that swirls

Like buffalo girls we go 'round the outside

Kris is controversial but Kris never lied

In the forest, the mountains and the hills I reside

You gotta follow the purpose you feel inside"

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