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XXL Says Ron Artest's New Album Only Sells One Copy In First Week!


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Ron Artest musta set a Guiness record for fewest records sold, breaking Tony Yayo's record, lol, btw damn shame that Ice-T and Flava Flav sold less combined than what that K-Fed bum sold, especially since they had VH1 shows that's surprising, I thought Flava would outsell the recent PE albums with all of his recent fame, I guess rap fans don't watch VH1


Trick or treat, niggas. Last Halloween was a historic day for hip-hop. No, we didn’t get the release of the long-awaited second album from Clipse (some magazine said it’s a classic, you bastards). Instead we got a grab bag of diverse rhyme slayers with many styles, many styles. Britney’s ex went head up with Chuck D’s hypeman, but they weren’t the only ones duking it out in the ten or twelve record stores (The Tower of power is no more, kids) that still exist.

Yes, it’s Wed., so the results of last week’s releases are in. Allow me to give you the results as YN Presents His First Annual Coaster Countdown. (Naysayers take note: I never actually sat and listened to any of this crap below. Life is precious and time won’t give me time. Word to the Boy called George.)

10: Ron Artest My World

SoundScan: 1

One? How’d you only sell one CD especially when millions of people seen you beatdown some crackers at a basketball game. Maybe people we’re too shook to cop the QB’s soldier’s debut. Hell, who even knew it was out? Anyway, Ron’s my dude and I think you SoundScan suckers are scamming us. Election day was yesterday but my ***** still deserves a recount.

9: Channel Live Street Science Rap

SoundScan: 20

KRS’s former castaways are still out there grindin’? Who knew? I used to live in Brooklyn and running into Hakim on the street is any music industry ****’s rite of passage. I thought homeboy was doin’ videos with Benny Boom. Again, 20 units? That’s disrespectful. Keep ya head up fellas, according to this spot, your **** is sold out. Ha!

8: Celly Cel Brings the Gumbo Pot

SoundScan: 100

This Bay Area rap vet is wearing a lot of red on his cover and I don’t want no problems. Moving on…

7: Lil Romeo Greatest Hits

SoundScan: 161

Can you believe this little tyke has 4 LPs under his belt (Take that, Mr. Budden). Might make a nice stocking stuffer for the shorties this holiday season.

6: Juggaknots Use Your Confusion

SoundScan: 535

This is some underground ****, so who knows how many albums were even pressed? I haven’t thought about these guys since I used to write the underground column I created in The Source.

5: CL Smooth American Me

SoundScan: 693

Life after Pete Rock? Not that good, apparently.

4: Ice-T Gangsta Rap

SoundScan: 744

Even pimpin’ his new lady out Darlene-style couldn’t save the day for the rap Hall-of-Famer.

3: Cee-Lo The Closet Freak: The Best of Cee-Lo Green The Soul Machine

SoundScan: 788

Looks like some greedy label wants a piece of that Dangermouse poontang pie.

2: Flavor Flav Flavor Flav

SoundScan: 2,181

I remember back in the early 90’s when we were actually fiendin’ for a taste of the Flavor on the solo tip. It’s obvious here that Flav has tried to parlay his new TV fame to resurrect his music career and failed miserably. Might be time to holla at VH1 to talk about Season 3, playboy.

1: Kevin Federline Playing With Fire

SoundScan: 6,485

Let me get this straight: dude gets his album out, becomes a wrestler and then decides it’s time to kick his rich white ***** to the curb. Wow, that’s gangsta! All I know is dude’s bars are so elementary, we struggled to find the right one to be crowned Step Your Rap Game Up’s worst of ’06. Congrats, K-Fed!

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Jazzy's "Hip-Hop Forever 3" probably didn't sell 1,000 copies either I'd imagine, CL Smooth only sold 600 copies(I forgot all about his album, I gotta get that soon, is it any good or did nobody buy it 'cause it sucks?), but at least they're legends already unlike K-Fed and Ron Artest, K-Fed was just living off of Britney, you gotta be pretty soft to be living off of Britney, she probably ended up having to buy most of those albums which probably lead to the divorce, lol, people could talk **** about how Shaq can't rap but he went platinum before which is something no other NBA player could say, Ron was probably the one person that bought that album, lol

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I think Flav's album is good. I mean, it's Flavor Flav...so nobody is expecting Rakim or KRS-One type stuff...but they are expecting a good time. By the 3rd listen, the songs that he sings on didn't even seem weird 2 me. I don't know, i like the album...that's all that matters 2 me. Either way, when u hold Flavor Flav up 2 fools like Young Joc, who are selling millions, Flavor Flav easily makes better music. With a proper video and promotion, i think the album would be huge...people who know nothing about Hip-Hop love Flavor Flav.

I still can't believe CL Smooth and Ice-T didn't do better that 1st week. Who knows, things could turn around. Of course they won't play them on the radio, they wanna keep that new Jay-Z crap in heavy rotation. I didn't even know Channel Live waz still recording.

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I liked Flav's album. Still going through it...it's rather long, but some of the songs just bang! Got some suprisingly tight beats. Some of the songs are older but since this should be his only solo ever, might as well get all the tracks in that he can. There are two songs where he sings that are good: Let It Show, Two Wrongs.

Check out:

Let It Show

Flavor Man

Two Wrongs

Wonder Why

No Loot

Hot 1 (beat and bass are ridiculous on this one!)

Platnum (played many times on Flavor of Love spots)

Get Up on the Dance Floor

Hotter Than Ice (a wacky country-satirical song)

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Ive been waiting for a flav solo album for years..his solo tracks on the last few PE albums have been great.. the cl smooth single from that album is awesome.. i gotta get that album.. i used to love that channel live/krs 1 track from back in the day! man its a shame the few quality artists left from the 90s arent sellin anythin..

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C.L. Smooth - American Me: 4/5

The album is definately a solid piece of work from a legend. I wouldve bought it if one of the stores in San Antonio SOLD IT. Its a shame when i go to best buy, circuit city, etc... to support HipHop but they fail to have any products to sale. Jedi Mind Tricks, C.L. Smooth, AZ, Zion I & Grouch are just a few names within the past month who i've tried to support but due to the overstocking of Lady Soveriegn, Chingy, Lloyd Banks, and a million Texas artists, the shelves fail to contain a cd of the artist i mentioned that i am in search for. But i can speak for hours about how crooked this game has turned but i have better things right now to do, such as finish my Album.

But please yall, Dont sleep on C.L. Smooth's cd as well as AZ's... both are very solid albums...

Peace Yall!

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I guess Ron Artest don't have any friends if he only sold one copy, unless he just handed free copies to them, lol, yeah Flava Flav ain't really a serious lyricist, he's just out having fun, but he really could rap better though than most rappers on the radio do, I do feel bad for him that he has to get all of this criticism from everyone about selling his soul with a show of slutty crap, even a lot of public enemy fans don't like what he's doing, chuck d has to go on the public enemy board and defend flava flav all the time, and now he can't even get a music video in rotation, and yeah I'm honestly sick of hearing Jay-Z everytime I turn on the radio, I don't like watching a football game and hearing him rap either so much, what's the point of buying his album when all you have to do is turn on the radio or TV, he makes sure the radio gets all of his songs but he can't send the songs for any of the other Def Jam artists to the radio and they get rarely on TV :sick:

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Rappin’ Ron Reaches a Few People (Emphasis on Few)

AOL News

Far be it for me to bash NBA star Ron Artest for trying to show off his lyrical skills.

With lyrics such as:

"I admit I used to smoke before games.”

“Hit the liquor store at halftime.”

“David Stern! Damn, David Stern. I gotta teach you bout the ghetto there’s some things you should learn.”

“Matt Lauer, up on NBC. You look like a girl, don’t talk to me.”

It’s quite obvious he’s trying to reach out to the people of the world.

SoundScan reported Artest’s new rap album reached one person last week.

And by one person, I mean one single person -- SoundScan reported Artest only sold one copy of his album, “My World.”

This tabulation would suggest his CDs weren’t flying off store shelves.

What?!?! Ron Artest isn’t the next Jay-Z?

OK, so that’s not breaking news.

Yet, it’s still hard to believe he doesn’t have any family, entourage members, groupies, or even a friendly paper boy to pawn his music off on … beefing his sale numbers in the process.

Selling only one album is too unbelievable to be true, even for rappin’ Ron.

And it is.

It turns out, SoundScan made a mistake, and Artest actually sold 343 albums.

While 343 is better than one, it loses some spark (what little there is) when you consider that America’s #1 trailer park-moocher Kevin Federline managed to sell 6,485 copies of his CD during its debut week.

Hate to break it to you Ron, but your 343 is looking sad now.

I don’t know which is worse – losing out to K-Fed or 6,485 people actually buying K-Fed’s “Playing With Fire.”

Clearly, Armageddon is on its way.

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