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Rakim Biters


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i was listened to eric b and rakim and didnt realize how much of the stuff sounded familiar.... especially

"I take 7 mcs put em in a line, and add 7 more brothers who think they can rhyme and it will take 7 more before i go for mine, and thats 21 mcs beat up at the same time"

bears a striking remembelance to a line on Uuhhh by will smith

"I can take twelve rappers and put em in line

Then twelve emcees that think they can rhyme

Then twelve more brothers that still ain't signed

Then, don't do nuthin, just watch em decline"


"im the R the A to the K I M

if i wasnt then why would i say i am"

from as the rhyme goes on

kinda sound a little bit like the way i am by eminem

"And I am, whatever you say I am

If I wasn't, then why would I say I am?

In the paper, the news everyday I am

Radio won't even play my jam"

those are the only ones i rememver but its interesting to see who bit

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pretty much...they both took the line and and changed it slightly

like if youur writing a paper and you take a sentance from a website... thats still palgeraize, you have to state if your paraphrazing....without that reconition its still plegerizm

and you cant say that its coincidence

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They're just showin' love to Rakim, that ain't biting, it ain't any different than Jay-Z saying a million Biggie verses in his songs right?

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Man there's so many rappers that say lines from famous rap songs, there really ain't any rapper out there that hasn't done that

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It's unbelieveable how much of an effect you can have. Rakim is one of the top emcees where "Hip Hop Quotables" have come from. Wu-Tang Clan has got some. Mobb Deep has a couple. A whole lot of artists have a quotable from somebody, or they like something that was said, there is no other way to say it. Eric B + Rakim's "Paid In Full" is one of the most sample hip hop albums ever.

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You're making something complicated that isn't.

Even Pharoach Monche "bit" the style of Frank Sinatra, when he sang "New York" on "Guerilla Moonsoon Rap" w/ Kweli & Black Thought. haha.

If it's not known as a tribute, it's no big deal. Sometimes, it's just a fun thing to do.

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