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NFL - What a HORRIBLE way to lose...


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Now you all know who my favorite team is...if you don't just look at my Avy and Sig...

I just have to Vent, Here goes the last 37 seconds of the Game...TIED GAME.

Redskins for a 47 yard FG. It's Missed...

The Cowboys Execute a near Perfect Drive, Getting in Range for a 35 Yard FG.

The FG is Blocked, and the ball is picked up by Shawn Taylor of the Redskins...

Kyle Kosier pulls his face Mask...Now everyone I talked to said it should have been a 5 Yarder, but the Refs called 15...

The Redskins kick a 45 Yarder to Win the Game...

Horrible. the Redskins Were 2-5, we were 4-3...We Really needed this. And the Giants won too....DAMN!!

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I was watching some of that game yesterday, it was a thriller, Redskins kept their season alive with that win yesterday, that NFC East is gonna be a dog fight this year, I think every team got a shot at this point

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