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a new jjfp album?


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This is getting quite an interesting topic, and i can understand everyones point of view.

I believe, as i said several months ago that the next Will Smith album will probably be his last. Not to say he will not work in Music ever again cos we all know thats his life still, i just believe that times are changing and he'll know when to put down the mic. Lets just hope we get this album soon.

A pure JJ+FP album would be amazing but i just can't see it happening however much i think the fans would want it. A few tracks or production from Jeff on the album would be great though.
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i dont think we are ever gonna get a new jjfp album unless will and jeff put the time aside to make one.. we do atleast know that the new album will contain sum new jjfp traxs..and frankly i cant wait to hear em!! its been a long wait...
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