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Afeni Shakur Announces Release Date For Brand New 2Pac Album


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"Five years from now what do you see yourself doing?

2Pac:.. I see myself having a job on Death Row...being the A&R person and an artist that drop an album like Paul McCartney every five years. Not that I'm like Paul McCartney but there's no rapper who ever did it so that's why I use him as an example... But I wanna do it at leisure. My music will mean something and I'll drop deeper ****. I'll have my own production company which I'm close to right now...I'm doing my own movies. I have my own restaurant...which I got right now with Allanis or Suge or Snoop. I just wanna expand. I'm starting to put out some calendars for charity. I'm gonna start a little youth league in California so we can start playing some east coast teams..some southern teams ...I wanna have like a Pop Warner League except the rappers fund it and they're the head coaches. Have a league where you can get a big trophy with diamonds in it for a nigguh to stay drug free and stay in school. That's the only way you can be on the team. We'll have fun and eat pizza and have the finest girls there and throw concerts at the end of the year. That's what I mean by giving back."

Interview by Sway of The Wake Up Show...it first aired on KMEL's Westside Radio on April 19 1996.. Transcribed by KMEL's Davey D

c 1996

EDIT: If any of you haven't read the whole interview I suggest check it out, you really get an understanding of what was going on his mind during the drama of his life, btw most of the rappers that he fueded with was 'cause they disrespected him one way or another, he didn't want to go around and beef but they kept on bringing his name up, after awhile I think rappers would probably be more careful in doing that had he lived, Biggie was quieting down and I think the others would've too, now if they weren't doing that I don't think he'd diss them, but he probably wouldn't want to work with these fake rappers if they diss him or not, he loved hip-hop but he didn't like to deal with fake people:


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Well, when u put the doctored 2Pac stuff up against the current stuff getting success, it obviously will be better simply cuz 2Pac actually wrote good lyrics and had flow. But the majority of it simply isn't as dope as it would have been. Listen 2 "Better Dayz" and compare the remix of "My Block" to the original. That remix is dope...definitly worthy of being released. However, the original is still better and the production is alot more simpler. Then check "When I Get Free"...the doctored verson on Until The End of Time is no where near as good as the original.

Back 2 that interview bit bigted posted...if u are a 2Pac fan, u should pick up the unathorized interview album "In His Own Words." The interview is good. U see the mellow 'Pac, the amped up angry 'Pac...but it's all good. There's even Naughty By Nature's "Morn You Til I Join You" on it. There's also those 2 trax Trapp doctored and a "new" song retitled "In His Own Words" with the Outlawz. It a random freestyle verse thown on a beat with the Outlawz filling it out and interview snippets mixed in 2 the end.

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I got the tracklisting for 2Pac's album, it looks a lil' more promising than the last couple doctored albums, might get it if I could find it in a clearance bin somewhere:


Title Performer(s) Producer(s)

1 "Untouchable (Swizz Beatz Remix)" 2Pac & Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Swizz Beatz

2 "Pac's Life" 2Pac, T.I. & Ashanti L.T. Hutton

3 "Dumpin'" 2Pac, Hussein Fatal, Papoose & Carl Thomas Canei Finch

4 "Playa Cardz Right (Female)" 2Pac & Keyshia Cole Carvin and Ivan (Karma Productions)

5 "Whatz Next" 2Pac, A3 & Jay Rock Salih

6 "Sleep" 2Pac, Young Buck & Chamillionaire Sha Money XL

7 "International" 2Pac, Nipsey Hussle & Young Dre The Truth L.T. Hutton

8 "Don't Sleep" 2Pac, Lil Scrappy, Nutso, Yaki Kadafi & Stormy E.D.I.

9 "Soon As I Get Home" 2Pac & Yaki Kadafi QD3

10 "Playa Cardz Right (Male)" 2Pac, Ludacris & Keon Bryce Sha Money XL

11 "Don't Stop" 2Pac, Big Syke, Yaki Kadafi, Hussein Fatal, E.D.I., Young Noble & Stormy L.T. Hutton

12 "Pac's Life (Remix)" 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, T.I. & Chris Starr L.T. Hutton

13 "Untouchable" 2Pac, Yaki Kadafi, Hussein Fatal & Gravy Sha Money XL

14 "Dear Mama (Remix)"[3]

(European Bonus Track) 2Pac

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This is crap. I'm not excited about this at all. Here's the only producers who should get 2 remix 2Pac's music...Johnny J, Soulpower, Shock-G, Eazy Mo Bee, Warren G...period. The only emcees and singers who should be able 2 lay vocals 4 a 'new' album are artists who actually knew him when he waz alive. This is just embarassing for anybody who is down with 2Pac. T.I. Ashanti, Young Buck, Lil Scrappy, Ludacris and most of those other artists shouldn't even be allowed in a studio while a 2Pac song is being mixed. It's messed up that Left Eye actually laid vocals after 2Pac died for "Untouchable" and that they've doctored it AGAIN. I'm contimplating not even buying this album....but my love 2 'Pac would never actually let me do that.

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