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Season 3 of Will Smith Podcast


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I'd like to start the 3rd season of the Will Smith Podcast in November as we lead up to the release of Pursuit of Happyness. One of the things I'd like to do is have regular segments in each episode to make them more uniform.. does anyone have any ideas?

heres the updated stats on the podcast downloads

ep1: 20,558

ep2: 850

ep3: 1, 310

ep4: 700

ep5: 1, 123

ep6: 4, 602

ep7: 2, 332

ep8: 2, 165

ep9: 1,775

ep10: 3,109

ep11: 1, 147

ep12: 1,386

ep13: 9, 610

Total Downloads: 48, 500

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