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I didn't watch this clip...but i know that thru' out it u can see me. I'm really bright...blue floppy fisherman hat, bright green shirt and bright orange shorts...haha. When JJ+FP went in 2 "Summertime," it waz literally a dream come true. The 1st few seconds left me totally speechless and in shock. Remember at this waz the summer of 2002 and this waz one of the 1st times they performed it since 1991. During the summer of 2002 and now as he's performing, they are always doing "Summertime" but this taping/performance waz their 1st time doing it in YEARS. "Summertime" had been my favorite song of all time by my favorite group of all time so 2 see them do it in the summer of 2002 waz totally a dream come true. After my initial reaction of going in2 shock...i just went wild.

When i saw Musiq the other day, my girlfriend say "remember when we saw Will and u nearly started crying when they did "Summertime?" :roll:
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Yeh on the VHS still, i didn't bother putting them up as mp3's for the site cos i thought you'd prefer this one more. But if you all want it enough i will do.

I know Jim defo wants to hear more
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JJ+FP performed "Black Suits Comin'" and a medley of "Act Like You Know" and "I Can't Stop" (which sounds very good live). Don't 4get the interviews 2!! If u can eventually get all that stuff up, i know i speack 4 everyone when i say [u][i][b]"THANX!"[/b][/i][/u]
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