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comedians wanted


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I like a lot of those comedians that was mentioned here but I really prefer watching them perform their jokes over listening to them on CDs, btw the mini pimp on "Wildin' Out" is Money Mike, he's in "Friday After Next" and he actually does a song with Game on a mixtape called "Palm Pilot", pretty funny song, he's actually putting out a comedy rap album on Dipset this year

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Dont have many stand up Slbums, I allso prefer to watch the comedians while they talk. But I don't own many stand up DVD:s either. The only ones I got is:

Jamie Foxx - Straight From The Foxxhole

Dave Chapplelle - Killin' them Softly

Jamie Foxx - Unleashed

Eddie Murphy - RAW

Jamie Foxx - I Might Need Security

Ricky Gervais - Animals

and Richard Pryor - Live in concert

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Chris Rock is, atleast what i think, the absolute best!

For Dave Chappelle i think you kinda need the video. i haven't heard much from him but i have seen alot of his scteches and from what i feel you need to see him act to really appreciate it.

Eddie and Richard are moth great, they really made stand up popular, at least stand up by black people. acctually Chris Rock is kind of a newer version of Eddie murphy, and Eddie is a newer version of Richard.

Eddie Izzard is superb. he's a little diffent than the other comedians, but just as funny. His brittish accent makes it even funnier, specially when he uses bad language with that accent.

You have forgotten two of the best:

Jerry Seinfeld. a little more houseclean than the others, doesnt swear alot. the strenght of seinfeld is his use of everyday stuff. not like other "did you notice that" guys who just makes you laugh about it, but seinfeld really makes you think about it and relate it to your own life and rules of society, which i think he does great without beeing black, saying f**k or being upset. I have to give a warning. if you hear or see seinfeld (tv show anyone?) to much, like me, youll never be able to go throu life without thinking about everything just like he does :)or accually thats just a hint for having a funnier life

Robbin Williams. if you have seen films like mrs doubtfire or jumanii you might think of him as that nice protective man. guess again. on stage he lets out a monster that he almost cant control himself, youll hear him trying really hard to not get ahead of himself, trying to get a breath of air once in a while, cuz theres so much he wants to say.

an example of something i find very funny: you know the signs in amusementparks that says you have to be this tall to go on a ride? how about robbin holding his hand about 1.3 meters of the floor saying " if you go to neverland, you have to be this tall to ride michael". you have to forget about morality and youll be unable to stop :)

another very talented comedian is Norm McDonald, but i think he is a bit held back by his voice. Its the same no matter if he's happy or sad (it doesnt really get higher or lower if you understand what i mean) and he seems to have a hard time finding his words at times. his strenght lies within the jokes, not how they are delivered, which can be quite hard to fully enjoy sometimes.

hope ive been to some help..

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