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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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The Best Night Of My Life!

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What can I say?? DJ Jazzy Jeff lives up to every legendary staus he has ever accomplished! Never have I seen a DJ have the crowd so amped up as he had them last night! And the fact that I was up on stage with him doing his thing made it even more special!

It started out with me in The Font (the name of the club he was at) just chilling with a few friends and dancing to the warm up DJ that was on before Jeff! It was a great atmsophere and everybody was so excited about seeing The Magnificent rip it up on the wheels of steel! It got to about 11pm and I looked over to stage and saw that it was cleared by security and that Darnell was up there setting things up for Jeff! Iquickly said my goodbyes to my friends and made my way over to the stage. Had a quick word with secruity and they let me on so that I could introduce myself to Darnell! He has to be the coolest guy ever!

Darnell continued to set things up and the crowd started to gather to the front in preparation for Jeff to begin! All of a sudden a huge cheer eruppted and Jeff came on! It was so weird to be standing shoulder to shoulder with the guy who has been a musical inspiration since I was younger! Darnell told Jeff who I was and Jeff said wassup! I told him he better rip it up tonight and he replied no problem!! I also asked him about new JJFP material and he says that he is trying but the only thing stopping them is the schedules!

Anyway, Jeff got on the decks and Skillz was hyping up the crowd! Jeff had the whole place jumping! I seriously believe that was the best night that had ever happened to that place! What made it even better was the fact that I was literally on stage with Skillz hyping up the crowd! I was dancing my little heart out whilst Skillz was doing his thing on the mic! It really felt like I was apart of the crew! I think a lot of the crowd thought that too as I was asked by some guy if I'd be willing to give this girl a kiss and a hug!

It was totally amazing. Jeff's set was seemless and he played a great range of music! There were a couple of tribute sections dedicated to Big L, J Dilla and 2 Pac and the JJFP material that he played was FPOBA theme and of course Summertime, which he ended on!

My heart practically stopped when the instrumental for Hip Hop Dancer's theme came on! Of course this was the same beat I used for 'The DJ Track'! I was so tempted to grab the mic and start spitting but I thought I better not! Don't wanna take anything away from Skillz! Just being there was more than enough! This is definitley a night I'll not be forgetting. MAJOR, MAJOR thanks to Tim!

Here's my favourite pic pf the night!!! The video is on the way!



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Thats awesome dude!!! Glad to hear that you got to see The Magnificent live for first time. I can't wait until I see JJ rip the wheelz of steel live someday.

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