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How do you feel when peaple say 'Will has been played out since summertime'?

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i get kinda angry...but like smoothb is right in that im kinda like...have you heard any of his songs besides gettin jiggy wit it, wilkd wild west and men in black??

usually not...a while back i made a "will smith mix tape" with all his best of the unheard jjfp and will smith. and gave it to my friends...they got converted...im not gonna say they are "fans" like we are but they respect him now

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to me, i dont reallt care because in life we like different things and different people so it dont really matter to me because if that person dont like Will, There's actually a person that they like and i Dont like em..life goes on..

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That they missed out on a lot of great music between "Code Red" and "Lost and Found', FP never fell off, the fans sold out on him and left the bandwagon, he didn't sell out on them, he still "All That" you could say....

I like that sentence! :D

Yeah Will neva fell off so I don't mind what people say, it just makes me a lil mad but that's all!

Don't care 'bout 'em - just wave 'em off! ;)

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