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Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor


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so how many of you guys checked out Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor? the album is amazing. i knew it was gonna be something special when i first heard the leak this summer. at first i when i looked at the tracklisting i was a bit dissapointed that some of my fav songs from the leak were not on there, but it turns out they were, just under different names. and in fact, the songs were more polished and as a result, better. this album has to be one of the best to come out so far this year. i would have to give it a 9 or 9.5 out of 10. the beats are very well produced and some of them have jazz and rock samples in them, which is very cool when done right. if you havent checked this album about, go ahead and do so. why did it get a PA sticker tho? it has the N word like 3 times and the b word twice and thats about it. so here's my track by track analysis:

Intro - a spoken word intro. the beat on it is dope. Lupe explains the meaning of Food & Liquor comparing it to the good and the bad in the world 4.5/5

Real - wow i cant get enough of this beat. the chorus is corny in a good way and it gets stuck in your head. great message to the song aswell 5/5

Just Might Be Okay - been hearing this song since the leak and not my favorite beat, but Gemini does a good job on the chorus 4/5

Kick, Push - i think we've all heard this song. the beat is perfect, the lyrics are perfect. not much more to say. 5.5/5

I Gotcha - not a beat that i like that much and some of the lyrics i dont feel quite as much. the chorus doesnt quite do it for me either. sounds a lot like a kanye song haha. 3.5/5

The Instrumental - lovin the rock influence on the beat. flow is good and the story is a good one, i like this song a lot. 4.5/5

He Say She Say - i like the violins on the beat and the chorus is above average. but the best part of this song is the story tellin and flow by Lupe. "no positive male role model to play football with and build rail road models" 5/5

Sunshine - another great beat. i havent checked the producers of each individual song, but Jay-Z produced the album and i think Kanye had to have some input, and they did a damn good job. this is a song u can really relate to when u like/love somebody. pretty deep track 4.5/5

Daydreamin' - not really feelin Jill Scott or the beat on this one. i do feel Lupe's aggressive flow tho. 4/5

The Cool - another rock influenced beat. good message, about what happens to you when you try to do everything that is "cool" 4/5

Hurt Me Soul - originally called No Place To Go, a great song. "i used to hate hip hop because the women were degraded"

"too short made me laugh/like a hypocrite i played it/a hypocrite i stated/but only reciting half/omitting the word bitch, cursin i wouldnt say it" 5/5

Pressure - one of the dissapointments for me. this beat of this song originally belonged to "Trials and Tribulations" which was a great song. however, Lupe scrapped the verses he wrote for that song and re-wrote it to feature Jay-Z who was a little less than impressive. the other version was better. 3.5/5 just because of the beat

American Terrorist - originally called Close Your Mind. a real deep song with some good lyricism 5/5

The Emporer's Soundtrack - nice upbeat tempo with Lupe just flowin over it for 2:56 straight 4.5/5

Kick, Push II - this sound should've been left off the album haha. it shows what happens when you try to recapture a classic. not feelin the flow or the beat at all. 2.5/5

The Outro - Lupe wrappin up the album over the same dope beat that is used in the intro. basically he gives everyone love and shout outs that had/have helped him in his life... which takes a whole 9 minutes. so it does get borin but at least he's givin shout outs and props. im not really gonna rate this track since i just skip over it

and if you bought the bestbuy version you would have 3 bonus tracks. non of them are that impressive except What It Do

A couple of notes: the track "Make Sure" which sampled the beat JJ used in A Touch of Jazz wasnt included in the album. also the song "Gheto Story" also known as "Steady Mobbin" wasnt included on the album which is a major dissapointment to me cuz thats like my favorite song besides Kick Push. that song definitely deserved to make the album and was better than some of the other songs on the album. bottom line is invest the $10 for the album while its on sale cuz its really worth more than that haha.

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I got a good offer on ebay last week for this album and I'm waiting for it to arrive soon in my mail and I'll drop the feedback when I get it, I think I made a thread about the album coming out last week but it got ignored mostly

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I got the album. These days i'm listening to The roots - Game theory, Jurassic 5 - Power in Numbers and Sergio Mendes - Timeless so it's hard to decide which one is better :) But i love Fiasco's one. Kick&Push, Jill Scott's one..almost all of them. He's so freak xD with the Star Wars action figures in the I Gotcha clip, hehe. You can see R2D2 there.

Lupe is a spanish name for females tho, and fiasco means something it went really wrong. So not feeling the name at all : )

And second thing. He says he's muslim, no alcohol, no clubbing etc...and the album's name is Food & Liquor. I'm a complete ignorant about that religion, but i don't get the liquor thing while he's against alcohol.

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Yeah, f*** liquor man. Anyways, I got the album, didn't like it at first, but it's growing on me. The definitive hot song is "Real," everything else is melodic. Jay-Z was mediocre as was the song he was on, other than the beat. I still think Rhymefest's album was better.

Who's ready for Sadat X's and CL Smooth's new albums to come out?

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I heard that this album might outsell Chingy's album so this is a good sign for hip-hop, about time that a real artist sells

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Intro -The spoken word intro really gets you hyped...

The Real - The beat is a little crazy for me but once if grows on you you fall in love with the song. The title is very fitting for this album 3.5/5

Just Might Be Okay - The beat is dope...and Lupe comes up with some real dope intro lines...

Affirmative no further furnishing is needed

I believe we are completed, dig

We all in grrement on the wall

Paper happy with the color scheme welcome to the crib

A two family habitat for humanity with a view with in the insanity

Live?? my vida loca was built like bob vila villa gone

The architect that I arted wat I hearted jimmy carter from Chicago west?? side

Finish my construction now we hope we coming like contracepts

Im conciespet that kunta get from conversation held with the satan on my shoulder

Wich lead the steps that kept me looking over the shoulder like shofers were my angels at

Painful yet mary I aint jerry Garcia ma here but Im greatful shush


Kick, Push -Classic! So different from what everyone is talking about. Fun, touching captivating ... one of the dopest beats I have heard for a while! - Full marks 5/5

I Gotcha - I love this song! First the beat put me off a little but it grew on me. The lyrics are fun and fresh and a hillarious intro

They Call Me Lupe I'll Be Your New Day

They Wanna Smell Like Me They Want My Bouqet

But They Cant They They Accented Like The UK

Turn That Ude Lupe To Pepe Le Peu Spray

Flagrantly Fragrant And They Can't Escape It

My Perfume Pursued Them Anywhere That They Went

You Dont Want A Loan Leave My Cologne Alone

It's A Little Too Strong For You To Be Puttin On 4.5/5

The Instrumental - Perfect! Fort Minor on the beat! Excellent metaphor to express the influence of pop culture and the addictive hook. 5/5

He Say She Say - I love the beat. The song is really touching. 4.5/5

Sunshine - Excellent track! I just fell in love with the whole feel good vibe of this. A love song only Lupe can pull off

we lose consciousness

She says "that I've been waiten for you"

And I know you been chasen me too since they kidnapped me from a castle

I been thinken of you

I told a firebreathen dragon "he bet not harm me" or he be sorry when he meets my one man army

And thou has come ta rescue me

My knight in shinen armor yes you be

Woken up by the horn of an SUV

I said "see, too beautiful to let you sleep" 4.5/5

Daydreamin' - I love this track too! Flawless. The hook...the beat...the nerdy lyrics lol. 5/5

The Cool - This song is good too... but it is a little heavy on the metaphor...it just goes over your head for the first couple of listens but it has a good message. 3.5/5

Hurt Me Soul -My favouraite song on the album.I have it all memorized and the album just came out...

Another great intro...

Now i aint tryna be the greatest

I used to hate hip hop

Yep, because the women degraded

But Too Short made me laugh,

Like a hypocrit i played it

A hypocrit i state it

Though I only recited half

Omittin the word bitch, cursin i wouldnt say it

Me and dawg couldnt relate to the bitch that i dated

And a an amzing last verse

So through the grim reaper sickle sharpenin

Macintosh marketin, all you feel augurin

Brazilian adolescent disarmberment

Israeli occupation

Islamic moded him


Yea, laser got a target in

Oil for full botherin

Terrorist organization harborin

Sand camoflague army men

CCF sponsorin, world conquerin, telephone monitorin

Louie Vuiton modelin, pornographic actress honorin

String theory ponderin, bullemick vomitin

Catholic preist fondlin ????

They breakin in my car again

be forestation in Ovalaganin (not spelt right)

Hennesey and hypnotic swallowin

Hydroponic coughin and

All the world's ills

Sittin on chrome 24 inch wheels

Like that


Pressure - This song isn't as good as the rest of the album...Jiggas verse is average at best and completely off topic... and I usually like Jay. But the beat is real dope! - 3/5

American Terrorist - Real deep and political. Lupe drops some crazy knowledge on the last few lines...

It's like

don't give the black man food, give red man liquor

red man fool, black man nigga

give yellow man tool, make him railroad builda

also give him pan, make him pull gold from river give black man crack, glocks to teens, give red man craps, slot machines...


The Emporer's Soundtrack - Lupe's flow on this is amazing...nice beat too. 4.5/5

Kick, Push 2 - Not as good as the original but pretty good.- 3.5/5

Outro - Too long.

Conclusion: Lupe's title of the breath of fresh air isn't misleading. This was a classic to me. This album plays back to back except for the intro and outro maybe.Stop complaining about the state of hip hop and go get this album!! :thumbsup:

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