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JJ Belgium/Spain/Germany/UK/Switzerland this week


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Okay i'm starting to get convinced that my night of brilliance tommorow is not going ahead. There is nothing at all anywhere about this gig going on in Nottingham. Its sucks so much. None of my friends up there no about it, and i've checked all the major Nottingham Clubs websites and they have nothing.

RUBBISH! thats my week ruined

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Yeh, they were also posted on JJ's forum. I've emailed that irize so just hope i hear something earlyish tommorow. If not it sucks abit. But i guess they'll be other times. Im just glad i know he likes to tour the UK regularly.

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Im gutted mate. I can't realistically make any other show because of travelling, having somewhere to stop and especially for the Manchester show which was the most realistic i have my club night on.

:( I guess i'll just have to wait until the next time he's touring again, and plan well in advance again. Hope everyone who gets to see him has an ace time. :ohdear:

Thats really put a downer on me now, not got anything good to look forward to now.

Cheers for letting me know Tim, would be a bi**h to have turned up looking for nothing.

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well, I won't be seeing Jeff tomoro either, just got waaaaay too much uni work to catch up on, would be very irresponsible (even more than last time lol) to go swanning off for 2 days and miss all my lectures and stuff. I'm just safe in the fact of knowing that Jeff WILL be back. hope Julie has a gud time

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that really sucks for both of u. im really scared tho now, i hope they havnt cancelled prestatyn, ive bought tickets and everything. Seeing Jeff is the only decent thing in my crappy life right now.


its been cancelled! i paid a LOT of money for these tickets, that i cant get back.

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well Darnell msg me over myspace saying the Manchester show was still on if i could make it.

Are you still gonna go to the show anyway Julie even though Jeff's not there. Seems a shame to get nothing for your money.

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