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JJ Belgium/Spain/Germany/UK/Switzerland this week


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Well i'll try best. :) I gotta get in contact with Darnell abit closer to the date to sort stuff out. I might txt message Brakes and see if he got on okay.

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Okay i decided to join the Avatar club. No More Super Mario for a while.

Just heard from Brakes, he had an awesome night and he'll be on here later to tell us all about it.

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man, jeff must have a great time, meeting all the hardcore followers from this board.

yeah, jjfp.com is about to take over the world!!!

man.. did i tell you? darnell was gonna give me that pic of you n jeff when i was in melbourne..but then i forgot abt it..maybe you can get it off him at stuttgart

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ok guys, its 9pm right now here in germany and jeff is about to kick it tonight in stuttgart.

i hope to have a good time tonight and i dont think that i need to film the performance, cause there are so many out there in the internet and here on our board. but nevertheless im gonna take a few pictures.

see you tomorrow! :pony:

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Why can't i find where Jeff is playing in Nottingham, doesn't help my plans out too well. I know he's played Rock City before with Grandmaster Flash once. nice venue if thats the one.

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