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He probably just retired to make people want him to comeback. Now that he is coming back, he has more people excited to hear him rap again. That is just a theory though. Who knows though, mybe he just "wants to be like Mike" or somethin. :lol:

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Whats going on with Chris Martin, recording and hanging out with overhyped rapper #1, producing for Jay Z - I'm actually looking forward very much to that track

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I kinda liked Jay-Z back in 1996. By 1999, i waz done with him (outside of a single here or there). If he stretches his subject matter and has beats that are on the level of "Girls..." and "03' Bonnie + Clyde," i'll give him a chance again.

And this whole "retirement" is just a joke. Who in their right mind even 2nd guessed it. Anyone claiming retirement after Too Short simply isn't gonna be taken seriously...look at FP, Mase, DMX. The only 'retirement' i'm worried about is Shock-G.

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What retirement? :sick: The guy has been doing more songs then ever!

Yeah I know right, FP seems more retired from rapping than he did :lol:

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