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Whitney Houston Files Divorce From Bobby Brown


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Whitney Houston files for divorce from Bobby Brown

LOS ANGELES (AFP) - Pop diva Whitney Houston has filed for divorce from her husband, singer Bobby Brown, after 14 years of marriage, her publicist said.

"Whitney Houston has filed for divorce," Nancy Seltzer told AFP.

Houston, 43, married Brown, 37, in 1992. They have a daughter, Bobbi Christina, born in 1993.

Winner of 26 American Music Awards and six Grammys, Houston has seen her star dim in recent years amid difficulties in her personal life, including stays in drug rehabilitation clinics.

Brown was one of the hottest rhythm and blues singers in the late 1980s and early '90s, but has become better known as the husband of the star of the 1992 hit film "Bodyguard" and for his frequent brushes with drugs and the law.

Brown was picked up in Atlanta in 1993 for lewd conduct and for brawling in 1995. He was arrested for drunk driving in 1996 and for alleged battery of Houston in late 2003.

Houston and Brown recently appeared in a television reality series, "Being Bobby Brown," on the Bravo network which featured their marriage, warts and all.

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I actually find this shocking. What makes couples stay 2gether this song, then realize it's not working? They both need 2 get their lives in order...hopefully then can push past this and be good parents if they don't intend on trying 2 fix things.

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Bobby Brown has been touring with New Edition againg and has a new album in the works. And reguardless of how much Whitney's last album got looked over, her talent is undeniable. They'll be fine and i think both of their careers are gonna still do respectable things. This is the 2000's...since when did a drinking problem or drug problem ruin a career?!

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man... i have been a fan of Whitney for a very long tyme... the idea of her using drugs, did get me upset, because she has soo much talent, ..and i just wished that we could be come friends..i would definately have been a blessing 2 her as a friend 4 real....

I cant say one way or another whas the situation between she and Bobby, or who was introducing the drug to the other..but regardles; i hope this decision is in the best interest for both of them, and they focus on God as well as their talents ... because no CHILD deserves to have parents throwing their lives away to crack cocaine... thats sooo sad...

good luck to both of em..cuz i been there done that with the divorce thing.. when u get to that point.. yea.

dont look back, just do it and keep movin...



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