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2Pac "Cross The Line: Celebration Or Exploitation?"


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I actually am a big fan of West Coast production and New York lyricism, thats why I was really disappointed when Rakim stopped workling with Dre. I am just hoping that Dre and Raekwon put something dope together.

When it comes to Tupac he is a great rapper yet overrated, which is of course natural since he died in such a high point of his career. I got a little sick of people going on and on about how much they like Pac when they have only listened to stuff released after he was dead. I still love some of his stuff from 2pacalypse, Strictly 4 my Niggaz and Me Against the World other than that even though I consider myself to be a 2pac fan was boring.

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Yeah it's unfortunate that most people only know Pac for what he did after he died, there wouldn't be that many people jumping on the bandwagon if he were living, he was talking about getting away from the commercial image that Death Row was putting on him so there's no chance in hell he'd work with many of these pop rappers that got on his matieral, I don't understand why Pac's mother has to try to water down his material for, I pray that we don't have Pac on the "Laffy Taffy" remix...

It's kinda unfortunate that Pac and Biggie were beefing before they died 'cause that seemed to leave the energy for other rappers coming after to beef, we diss 50 for dissing others who work with Ja Rule but Pac dissed others who worked with Biggie, that's one thing about Pac that I didn't like either that turned out to impact negatively, I'm not a loretta where I talk about everything somebody does as being great, now I don't think Pac would've liked to remembered the most for beefing but that's part of the territory I guess and 'cause of that beef I don't think there's any way Biggie could be underrated, that's the dumbest thing I ever heard, in fact I think dissing Biggie ended doing a lot for Biggie, now whenever somebody thinks of Pac, they think about Biggie, they're linked in history even though Pac was much better, Biggie's the most overrated rapper of all time to me, his subject matter in songs was weak on the most part even though he had mic skills, he really rapped only about money, drugs, and hoes like most radio rappers do today, it's easier to imagine Biggie doing a song with Nelly than it'd be to see Pac do a song with Ja Rule or 50 but maybe if LL died 10 years ago wewouldn't picture him doing an album with 50 either, we don't really know for sure either way that's why those who were close to them at the time should be on their songs...

Now alot of rappers like Biggie have mic skills but what seperates Pac from them is that he'd rap more about real life issues than they do/did and that's why he's one of the greatest, he rapped about what was going on in society, that's why people connected to him and still do...

It'd be nice if rappers could be motivated to build on the thoughtful messages Pac put in most of the music while he was living instead of tarnishing Pac's legacy by bringing up his name in beefs that he wasn't a part of or would be a part of most likely but people feed off of negativity more it seems...

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ever heard of Shock G & Money B from Digital Underground? or Jonny "J" who also produced Craig Mack and Nate Dogg. i dont know what to tell you, if you dont like it then thats your problem but i think most people here, and AJ can back me up, like their beats.

I think a lot of 2pac's beats are tight. Not all of his beats were great, but he has many legendary beats.

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Thanx 4 that article!! 2Pac was years ahead of his time. When it comes 2 lyrics, 2Pac really is amoungst the best. He gets overlooked by those who are turned off by the commercial success he had since commerical success often means crappy music. And 2Pac's sound (at least the music he actually released while alive) waz dope. Since he grew up in different places, he took vibes from the east coast and west coast and made it his own.

I like how the article pointed out that wack rapper #2's work on 2Pac's music was an embarassment and how some of the doctored stuff released after his death no where near the level of quality 2Pac would have put out.

I hate when people throw 2Pac in2 the same category as Biggie and Big Pun. No offense to them, but neither of them had lyrics that found relevant or could relate 2. Most of their producion waz on the same C-level that their lyrics were on. Even those who actually like them are ignorant if they toss them in the same catogory as 2Pac.

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Yeah you can't really put 2Pac in the category as most rappers on the radio, he deserves to be in the same sentence as those like Chuck D, KRS, and Ice Cube, he was a powerful voice just like they are, he was like the Marvin Gaye of hip-hop, a voice of a generation... I felt like crying when I saw those ignorant kids on 106 & Park yelling out when they were asked what rapper 50 reminds them of the most and they said 2Pac :sick:

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btw there's gonna be a special on 2Pac on BET at 7:30PM US East Coast time tomorrow, some artists are gonna speak about how they felt about Pac, I saw Jada in the commercial clip...

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If this 2Pac verse ain't lyrical than what is?:

"They got me trapped

Can barely walk tha city streets

Without a cop harrassing me, searching me

Then asking my identity

Hands up, throw me up against tha wall

Didn't do a thing at all

I'm tellen you one day these suckers gotta fall

Cuffed up throw me on tha concrete

Coppers try to kill me

But they didn't know this was tha wrong street

Bang bang, down another casualty

But it's a cop who's shot there's brutality

Who do you blame?

It's a shame because tha mans slain

He got caught in tha chains of his own game

How can I feel guilty after all tha things they did to me

Sweated me, hunted me

Trapped in my own community

One day i'm gonna bust

Blow up on this society

Why did ya lie to me ?

I couldn't find a trace of equality

Work me like a slave while they laid back

Homie don't play that

It's time I lett'em suffer tha payback

I'm tryin to avoid physical contact

I can't hold back, it's time to attack jack

They got me trapped"

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I rub your face off the Earth and curse your family children

like Amityville drill the nerves in your cavity fillin

Insanity's building up pavillion in my civilian

The cannon be the anarchy that humanity's dealing

A villain without remorse, who's willing to out your boss

Forever and take all the cheddar like child support

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