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Bad Boys Soundtrack Theme....


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Here it is a Bad Boys I Theme, it's my 1st tune from movie themes. And thats why I have one small request. I need Bad Boys Soundtrack Theme but from movie number II. It's played on the beginning of the movie, it seems similar to this version but it has guitar riff. Anyone have it?

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This should come as no surprise....but Puffy's Bad Boys II soundtrack only has commercial trax (most of them not in the movie). The theme isn't on it. If u remember, the guy who did the music for Bad Boys waz on board for Bad Boys II, but he backed out in the middle of it and Dr. Dre took over. That's one thing that killed me. I think the music in the movie should have been done differently. Dr. Dre kept throwing in that beat he did in 1999 for Chronic 2001. Yeah, the beat waz dope, but why did he use it like 3 times in a movie coming out in 2003?!?

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Damian, i'm pretty sure it's not released. I think it's safe to say they only released that crappy Bad Boys 2 soundtrack with all the commercial rap songs and not a version with the cinematic music...which wazn't even in the 2nd movie like it waz in the 1st. Who know tho'...maybe after some digging i could find it. I'll let u know.

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...maybe after some digging i could find it. I'll let u know.

Hey! I'll appreaciate that very much. I'm sure that more people would love to hear it:)

yeah, the BB1 had an aawesome riff to it, I sometimes listen to it while i'm driving :lol:

So Johny, you have this one with riff or only main version?

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