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Mos Def Arrested for "Crashing" The VMAs...


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Mos Def was taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct Thursday night after an unauthorized performance outside Radio City Music Hall during the Video Music Awards, police confirmed to MTV News. He was released early Friday (September 1) morning.

According to authorities, the rapper pulled up in front of the venue in a flatbed truck at around 10 p.m. for an impromptu show for the people gathered outside. An NYPD spokesperson said officers asked Mos Def and members of his entourage to shut down their operation due to crowd conditions and the overall safety of everyone involved.

It wasn't clear whether Mos Def (real name: Dante Smith) ignored or refused the orders, the police spokesperson continued.

Sources close to the rapper said Mos Def was performing "Katrina Clap," a freestyle indictment of the Bush administration's slow response to last year's hurricane victims in New Orleans.

Read the full article here... http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1539981/2...?headlines=true

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Props to Mos Def for keeping the real in hip-hop. People have crashed the VMAs before but because Mos Def performed a song ripping the government to shreds over Hurricane Katrina, MTV and the NYPD decided to shut it down.

If more people would make music that challenged and uplifted the mind instead of the continued nonsense that's going on, people would see the government and the entertainment industry's aim to dumb down our young people and keep them uninformed and totally dependent on the government.

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Mos Def's fighting the power! :hail:

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I heard about this like right after it happened, I don't see what the big deal is, he could've been doing worse things, I'd love to hear "Katrina Clap" though, I've always thought Mos was cool, I've heard a bit of his 'spoken' stuff on Def Poetry... it's tight

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