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VMAs tonight!


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I've only seen part of the awards. I think it waz very cool 2 see Hype Williams getting and award 4 his work on the amazing music videos he's created over the years. Most of them are so good u don't realize how bad some of the songs are until u heard it on the radio or on CD. Missy's mini-set was cool. Having her do a classic joint verses her newer stuff waz cool 2 me. Especially when Timbaland came out even tho' he didn't have anything 2 do since Missy waz stuck in the powerwheel...ha ha. Christina Aguilera waz breathtaking. I mean, i can't say anything other than that she waz amazing. And i agree that Jack Black wazn't very funny. I think he is naturally very funny, but from what i saw, he actually sucked at hosting the show this year.

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