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So how long till Will's next album?


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FP has the right 2 favor one over the other...after all, it's his life. But i don't think that's the case. I still believe Hip-Hop is his 1st love. Infact, i know i'm not the only person who still views him as an emcee who lots of success in acting and not a former emcee who is not a blockbuster movie star.

I used 2 write and rhyme alot....but now i don't. So even tho' he constantly writes and records, maybe his albums are put 2gether in moderation like Lost + Found waz. But the bulk of it waz recorded over a 2 year span. So maybe the fire inside for music either comes out in moderation or maybe it comes in spurts...who knows. On top of that, mabye he just doesn't feel as relevant in these days of so many no-talent fools getting record deals and then attempting 2 rap over watered down commerical beats. He doesn't fit in with that and probably feels that he needs 2 make smart decisions on timing, which he has talked about in the past.

I think that as fans, it's just important 2 support everything he does...period. In the meantime, i think that we need 2 stay tight as fans, keep putting out the word out where people may not no about it. And whenever there is a time 2 support him, we need 2 rally 2 get his music, movies, and everything else out there 2 an audience bigger than ours. Alot of us already do that, but some get discouraged when they don't get what we want. Just cuz we don't get an album every year or 2 doesn't give us a reason 2 turn our back on him.

After all, we don't know or see everything he works on.

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Yeah there's a lot of stuff FP does that we don't know about probably, he shouldn't be so private though with his true fans, I may sound a lil' like a Loretta but it's the truth, we're there for him through thick and thin and he should hook us with stuff that the bandwagon fans won't pay attention to check for, that's why he gotta set up a myspace :wiggle:

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I think the most important thing for Will musically at the moment..is to do a track with Jeff for the return of the magnificent.. just 1 track on the album comin out early 07..would definitely make the wait for wills next solo album easier

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Yeah, i agree, that would be the perfect way 2 hold most of us over. Jeff's album keeps getting pushed back. He better be bumping it back 4 the right reasons...like getting FP on it. Let's remember that the album that became The Magnificent got started back in 1998.

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I thought I remember hearing that Jazzy was gonna be more involved on FP's "Lost and Found", I wonder if there's unreleased JJFP tracks that're lying in the vault :davidblaine:

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