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Dead Prez & The Outlawz-Cant Sell Dope Forever


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1. Intro

2. 1Nation - Outlawz,

3. Can't Sell Dope Forever - Outlawz, ,

4. Like a Window

5. Surroundings

6. Thuggin on the Block - Outlawz, ,

7. U Aint the Only 1 - M15, Messy Marv

8. Searchin

9. Dedication

10. Fork in the Road - Outlawz,

11. Believe

12. WRBG

13. Holdin On - Outlawz,

14. Came-Up

Anyone got this? It`s pretty damn dope to me. Most of the tracks are with both of the groups. And there are about 3 Outlawzs only tracks.The Beats seem dope to me. Some pretty soulfull stuff. And some dark stuff too. The lyrics are diverse. There are some Tracks on it with allot of message. My favourite one is probably "Fork In The Road". I think everyone should give this a listen, especaly if your are dissapointe with everything that get released. Not much groups keep it real like those 2.

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i listened to some samples online and it didnt sound that good to me. i liked Outlawz Forever 2005 A.P. and i liked everything by Dead Prez but the samples i heard of these sounded wack except for 2 songs. when i listened to the samples, it sounded like there were a lot more of the outlawz on the track than DP. and i think DP is better. i still might check this out but i dunno, Outlawz are really different these days than back when they were coming up so i dunno if it'll be at the caliber of some of the regular DP or old Outlawz stuff.

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This always seemed like a weird mix 2 me. I haven't gotten in 2 Dead Prez yet. And i like The Outlawz, but 2 me they've always seemed like B-level rappers 2 be 2Pac's in-house back-up guys. They seem cool in interviews and in some of their songs...but they never seemed 2 hold their own 2 me. I'll have 2 listen 2 it next time i'm in FYE.

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Here I some albums I've bought lately that I recommend...

Rhymefest- Blue Collar

Boot Camp Clik- Last Stand

Strange Fruit Project- The Healing

A-Team- Who Reframed the A-Team?

Sunz of Man- The Old Testament

Busta Rhymes- The Big Bang

Lord Jamar- The 5% Album

want to get:

Oh No- Exodus into Unheard Rhythms

Bronze Nazareth- The Great Migration

Chief Kamachi- The Concrete Gospel

Inspectah Deck- The Resident Patient

all have come out within the last 2 months or so

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strange fruit project is awesome! I been on there bandwagon since I saw em in miami.. special with 9th wonder is special! the 1st dead prez album is one of my all time favs!!

Yeah, I just finished that album today. I'm loving it. Better than I thought it would be, and I'm glad I decided to pick it up. It definitely balances one's Hip Hop diet after listening to Boot Camp Clik, Busta, Rhymefest, etc. :davidblaine:

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That's a hot list of albums right there, you should check out DMX's album too, I'm gonna look into this Dead Prez/Outlawz album too, that sounds interesting, btw I think that Jurassic 5 album's pretty hot as well, lot of peeps sleepin' on that....

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