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Boom! Shake the Room


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Am I the only one that still loves this track. I've heard people over time say that it was one of the weaker JJFP/Will Smith joints, but I simply don't agree. The stutter rap he does in the last verse is still one of the sickest and most original things I've heared an emcee do on a track... What are other's thoughts?

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I love "Boom! Shake The Room" too, FP's flow was sick, the lyrics were amazing, and the production was on point, it's better than most of his singles released in the last 12 years except "Party Starter" and a couple others...

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I did do damage on the charts - Top 10 US I believe but it went to #1 in the UK.

Remember in '93 though, gangsta rap clogged mainstream rap which forced alot of cats out of the picture. So even though people we're digging the track - Code Red the album - was certified Gold (BARELY) and just died after "Boom".

"I'm Looking for the One" I dont think did anything nor did "I Wanna Rock".

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I remember when i 1st saw the "Boom!..." video. I waz so hyped. Just 2 see JJ+FP back on TV musically had me on an all time high. However, i waz disappointed 2 see it getting less shine than it deserved.

Ever since Big Willie Style or Willennium tho'...it's just a fun song i grew up 2. 2 me, it's easily the weakest track on Code Red and one of the weakest songs they ever did. Of course when it comes 2 JJ+FP, their weakest isn't bad at all. It waz a safe ground for JJ+FP 2 return on, a fun Hip-Hop party vibe with fun lyrics....but that waz just the sugar 2 Code Red...there's isn't much meat 2 the song in my opinion.

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Yeh, not one i put on my CD player often, but when it hits in a bar or club im up there rapping along and dancing. Waving them hands in the air like the vid :P

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I agree with AJ that "Boom! Shake The Room" is probably the weakest song on "Code Red" but that tells you how strong that album is, I could still play that track when I play the album without skipping off to the next track, I could skip the whole "Born To Reign" albumcompared to this, lol,

that's kinda ironic that FP dissed that song around the time he started working on his worst album,

and it seems that a lot of people who doubt FP's rapping skills actually seem to like this track too along with basically anything on "Code Red", if this album sold 10 million like 'Big Willie Style' did then I think FP's rep as a commercial rapper would be ranked much higher then it's been...

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