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What was "Too Damn Hype", and whatever happened to them?

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I understand that they where JJFP`s crew or something like that. I know that they had dancers and all. Where they something like the St. Lunaitcs are for Nelly, or what? I would like to know that.

And then, whatever happened to them? Where Will and Jeff just like "We dont need you anymore, see ya, have a good life"? Or is there a story behind it?

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It's just the name they gave their crew. JJ+FP brought their best friends along with them when they got big. They gave them jobs and 2 this day their are still 2gether. If u go 2 Jazzy's website and check the pictures...there's one with all of them. The pic is 2 or 3 years old. J.L. is FP's business potna for alot fo the things he does. Charlie Mack is well...Charlie Mack, and Omar had a big part in L+F. Ready Rock C of course fell out of the circle, but he waz obviously their beatbox, dancer/hypeman, and co-songwriter.

Unlike alot of rap crews that are a bunch of friends...these guys go way back and actually are good at their jobs. They all have a purpose.

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Just listen 2 the song...it explains it all. If i remember correctly, i think it has the TDH posse listed in the He's The DJ... or And In This Corner... cassette/CD insert.

yep, the trackexplains all you needto know... it's not like they wereanofficiallytitled back up group or anything, just the too damn hype! there is some great pics in rio on jeff's site...

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