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why havent you got a shirt?


JJFP T-Shirt?  

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  1. 1. why havent you bought the JJFP T-Shirt?

    • Havent got the money
    • Havent got Paypal
    • Dont like the design
    • Dont want a t-shirt

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1st & 2nd options:( I had t-shirts like this one with photo on it (with Michael Jordan), after 3 or 4 laundering it looked like t-shirt has 6 years or even more:(

its a quality screen print..its not gonna fade

hmm... I don't know, t-shirt with MJ looked really good & it was being said that he won't fade... he did, maybe it's my fault, maybe I should laundered it manually... unfortunately problem with money is strong enough (what is Paypal :hmm: )

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I'm not sure to buy one in the near future, because I don't think I need a t shirt to show that I'm a Will Smith Fan. I have enough t-shirts of stars that I never wear (old wrestling shirts) and therefore I'm not sure to buy a shirt that will lay in my closet all the time. A few years ago I'd do it but now I'm looking for my money and the things that I buy. I will think about that again and then we'll see. Maybe in September.

It has nothing to do with the design, Tim. It's very very good. Great work. :2thumbs:

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$14.99 is really good i thought, for a quality band T-shirt.


most t-shirts are orbiting the 20 dollar mark, and the popular bands charge more. But the design is well done and the shirt itself is nice as well, the cotton has a nice feel to it. Its good stuff.

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