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The Game Drops Aftermath, Signs Deal With Geffen?


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The Game Drops Aftermath, Signs Deal With Geffen?

After widespread rumors, it now appears that The Game has left Aftermath Records for Geffen Records.

For months, rumors have been circulating that the Compton bred rapper had plans to leave the label to avoid releasing his sophomore album, The Doctor's Advocate under G-Unit Records...

According to the Interscope owned web site, comptongame.com, the presence of the Geffen Logo and the absence of the Aftermath Logo leads one to believe Game may have left.

Game, who released his debut album The Documentary via G-Unit/Aftermath Records, has been having an on-going feud with G-Unit honcho wack rapper #1 since last year.

Furthermore, a post on comptongame's forums says that in order for Game to avoid releasing The Devils Advocate under G-Unit/Aftermath, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine advised him to sign a 5 album deal with Geffen for an undisclosed sum.

In return, Game will receive a distribution deal for his record company, Black Wall Street which is under Interscope Records.

The post also adds that Dr. Dre and Game's relationship has not been affected by the label move. Dre will still play a big part in the making, marketing and the publicity of The Devils Advocate.

Representatives for Czar Entertainment didn't return calls for comments

Earlier this week, The Game leaked one of the album's singles titled "One Blood." The Devils Advocate, which is set for release later this year, will feature appearances from Nas and Mary J Blige, while production is supplied by Cool & Dre, Scott Storch and Dr. Dre, among others.

Source: SOHH

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Reakwons upcoming Album is allready produced by Dre. You shouldnt miss that one. Reakwon is amazing, and Dre Beats are just dope. Its like when Ghostface hooked up with Dilla, or like when GZA hooked up with DJ Muggs. Its just a collabo that is great to hear about.

Speaking of Method Man. There is finnaly a release date for his album. Its gonna be cool I think. I loved that Track with Fat Joe and tha track with Lauryn.

Oh, and Aftermath. There is still the whole G-Unit/Shady Camp (I dont think Obie is the only one thats gonna release on Shady. What about the D12 guys?). And Aftermath itself signed a new Mc too. I forget his name, but he didnt have a deal before.

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Well Game got what he wanted there by getting out of G-Unit finally and Dr. Dre'll still be involved with the album so I imagine that 50 must be :arg:

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Well the reason why Game has been dissin' 50 so much is 'cause 50 tried blackballing Game from releasing more singles from "The Documentary" when it was on top of the charts last year, 50 was the one who got jealous of Game 'cause he saw that Game was getting more buzz than he was getting so he wanted to shut him down, 50 has too much of an ego and didn't want to see any of his artists he works with do better than him, Game had to take money from his own budget to shoot "Put You In The Game" and then 50 came out to try to stop Game from working with Dr. Dre, now you tell me who's the immature one here, on the most part Game's just defending himself and I think that since this drama happened people see 50 in a whole new light with his ego and that's why the G-Unit albums ain't doing as well as they used to on the charts

'cause the public's getting turned off by him and his egotistical tactics, Game did the right thing to distance himself from that camp so now he has a better chance of having a good career, now that the most credible rapper from G-Unit is officially gone it's probably the mark of the end of G-Unit's reign...

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