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Good luck with this guys, i'd be concentrating on a few of the battlers, one of the first battles i havent been apart of :lolsign: but if i got my really old mic i could...but u wouldn't hear it...

Can I choose the beats for u all 2 record over?

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forget the deadlines.. we could make it last longer..since theres only a few in... and give evryone a week

yeah i think it would be a little hard to record an audio and then take the file and put it up... at least in one day...i think a week would be too much time but maybe like 2 or 3 days.

will it be a different beat for each match in each round or a beat per round?

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Ok if you guys want a little more time per round then thats cool. I was just thinking of time! 2 to 3 days is cool.

As for the beats, it wouldn't be the same beat for each round. Each pair of contestants would have a different beat!

So you in Cozmo and Julie??

Any one else? We need at least 2 more people to who we have below!

So far






Da Brakes

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