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DiSiLLUSiONED - lyrics

Guest Prince

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Guest Prince
Ok guys... I know y'all have probably read these before... They're just freestyles I wrote in some of the battles here... Maybe I've attached some lines in etc... But anyway, with the closed voting system I never did get to find out any of y'alls views... So I would be thankful if you could rate these... Just for your information, I personally like these so didn't want them left off the album I'm working on, so have them as interludes or something, maybe edited a few lines etc... Haha. Anyway, I'd be thankful for y'all to rate these. Thanks.


Yo, I've had enough of the scheming, I have no successor, come meet the aggressor //
Y'alls other rhymes have no meaning, like a lecture, written by a mute professor //
My flow is unbreakable, my talent and style both purely un-fake-able //
My lyrics unmistakable, my freestyles are clever and truly unshakable //
Disillusioned ~ DJ there's the connection, we're bringing the perfection //
Burn your fungal infection, and not a sign of regret upon my complexion //
My flow is disarming, my skill and talent nothing less than charming //
My words alarming, my position and purpose in this hip-hop game harming //
At the end of it all I'm the one that's being the proper and true assailant //
I'm the one that's ripping y'all and comes out the one and only prevalent //
I'm here bringing the determination, life support for a dying musical generation //
Keep from temptation, whack cats associating themselves in this game a bad combination //
Haters get ready in preparation, this is my presentation, real MC's my inspiration //
Y'all try to be an imitation, I'm in control of this situation, forget resuscitation //
Words form into the killer formation, not an obligation, I'm giving you molestation //
Never mind rehabilitation, my lyrics in co-ordination, this is like total annihilation //
Y'all try to diss me and how I rhyme but behind the disguise, I can plainly see the lies //
I'm not going to philosophise, this is a new era in this game come to arise //
Knowledge spread through a diseased needle, breeds weak single minded people //
I preach from the highest church steeple, remaining untouchable from the feeble //
I'm not going to be forgiving I'm going to be stern, your hopes and dreams I churn //
This is all going to be over before the adjourn, for true competition I yearn //
Lyrics are my gift yet they are my curse, y'all desperate to see my next verse //
You're in the competition immersed, ain't no button on time to say "reverse" //
Your rhymes are out of place and distorted, it would be best if you were deported //
No flow and lyrics contorted, the style and rhyme scheme weak and unsupported //
But now my rhymes have hit a different turn, I'm the one causing concern //
The world around you begins to burn, but remember I will always return... //


05. If Truth Be Told (Interlude) [7th June 2004]

[OTHER PERSON: Spoken] Disillusioned man, you lookin' troubled...
'Sup, what's on ya' mind?

[Spoken] Heyyo... It's just these whack cats starting stuff wit' me man...
Because yo if the truth be told, I'd rather not be involved...
They might think that they're acting smart, by being fake infront of me...
Fooling around with Disillusioned... If they build up alliances against me
I will break them down and spread them out. Thinking they're all that...
But what they don't know... Is that I'm watching. This is for the haters...

I'm lyrically reckless, you're struggling to keep up and I leave you breathless //
Ticking sucker MCs I've beaten off on my check-list, and I stole your necklace //
On contact I kill you with my rhymes, a few words sometimes, maybe some lines //
Your freestyles are behind the times, it's a new find, so what is on your minds //
I'm growing sick of these pretenders, acting all that when they're just offenders //
In the title race there are no other contenders, I'm just waiting for the surrenders //
I set goals, and I spit jewels, interlocked in this game with a grip like a pit bull //
Old school? You're pre-school, forget etiquette rules, I use my words for duels //
Y'all just gone and lyrically slit your own throats, using the pre-written suicide note //
I'm a dream just like Joseph's coat, forget subtly I'm sending the torpedo boat //
You tied the noose, trying to accuse, just to prove none of us can hang with you's //
You asked for it so no excuse, instinct makes me leap-frog you like a kangaroo //
Dawg the simplicity just kills your meaning, I'm growing sick of the scheming //
I'll leave you drinking from a urinal screaming, you the victorious? Keep dreaming //
Y'all came out to play, sold your virginity on eBay, got in a fight and was carried away //
Defence wears away, you underline "fame" elaborately, your flow is in disarray //
Picked fights with the wrong prince, so I shred you and leave you for mince //
Once respected me but ever since, you been against me but who you trying to convince //
Yeah this spit is twisted, watch you out in the streets trying to get yourself fisted //
It's a wonder you resisted, but with your "freestyle" how many people assisted //
My pen is my personality and my legendary words are regarded as scriptures //
Under whack in the dictionary there's probably a reference with your pictures //
Y'all ain't no decent lyricists, the chances of you weak cats winning diminished //
This spit was enough to beat the undilligent, it's over now this beef is finished // Edited by Prince
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Guest Prince
Hmm... 15 views and not a response yet... Come on guys, I just want some opinions and feedback so I can improve my technique and style... That isn't much to ask, right?

Later today I might post up a song I wrote recently. Edited by Prince
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[color=purple]I agree with Ju! You should post more coz thats really good! :bowdown: :thumb:

"Picked fights with the wrong prince, so I shred you and leave you for mince"
remind me not to fight u again :kekeke: [/color] Edited by Kimmie
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Guest Prince
Yeah I might post something later on today to see what y'all think of it... I've been neglecting my writing recently, so I've gotta get back into it so need feedback - thanks for replying people.

Kimmie, that's one of the lines in it I don't really like haha... Doesn't really flow with the rest of it. Edited by Prince
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U notice anything? Only da ladies have replied so far. Now I'm a tell U.

The verses R extremely long. I'm not sure how da flow of it would work 2 a beat. Most likely an R&B type beat. Well, I rapped it acapella while I was readin it. IT'z good. That'z a style I couldn't become. Very few probably could. It'z probably just the way U typed it. These were just complex verses in a pure texture. Keep ya rhyme style tho.

If I wrote like U, I'd be an acappella-based rapper. That'z somethin new. There U go. Then people would have 2 focus on the lyrical content, and not beats all da time.

Good job. U've created a rare style and if presented right, I'd be a fan of it.
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Guest Prince
Thanks for replying, someones highlighted the length to me before so I know it's something I've got to improve on...

I think it depends upon the beat... Because as I include internal rhymes in each line then this would be more forgiving. I've never tried it against a beat though, what do you think?
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Yo mfuqua, if you think that those verses are long, I'm gonna post one of my verses later that'll make Prince's verses seem short! :kekeke: It don't matter how long or short a verse is, it means no difference, if you got a lot to say, don't cut yourself short, sometimes I have so much **** on my mind I'll somtimes end up writing a song wit three 50-bar verses, while when I 1st started it was struggle to write a 15 or 16 bar verse, I came a LONG way. Anyway Prince I felt those verses don't change anything about it, you are very talented, keep doing ya thing! :thumb: These days there's too much focus on beats, there should be more focus on lyrics, and that's the problem these days in hip-hop, if you make an album with dope beats and not much lyrics that're relevant, it should be a wack album 'cause there should be a balance of both. That's what makes rappers like Nas, LL Cool J, Rakim, KRS-ONE, FP, 2Pac, Biggie, and Chuck D so great 'cause they focus on lyricism in their own ways of making songs, whether it's a conscious rap song from KRS-ONE like "Higher Level" or a song that shows comedy from FP like "Parents Just Don't Understand", you can feel the lyrics, whether they make you laugh, dance, get hyped, or chill, they make you feel somethin', but these days when you hear a song they don't make you feel anything, 'cause the lyrics are mediocre.
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[quote=mfuqua23,Aug 5 2004, 09:52 AM]It'z the length of each line, not the length of the total amount of lines, bigteddy.[/quote]
:werd: I feel what u sayin', mfuqua!
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