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Will Smith Returns To Rap, Tops Movies

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Will Smith Returns To Rap, Tops Movies
By Jigsaw and Kim N. Cooper
Date: 7/20/2004 3:34 pm

Will Smith and his hit movie "i Robot" has smacked Spider Man off his sticky top slot after the rapper/actor's latest effort raked in a whopping $53.3 million over the weekend. And Will intends to capitalize off the furor by reestablishing his rap career.

While he was tight-lipped about the project he did reveal scant details about how he intended to comeback to Hip-Hop.

"I got a single coming out in about six weeks it's called "Switch," Will told AllHipHop.com "It's produced by Kwame." Kwame, the popular rapper, has been resurrected as K-Million and he recently produced Lloyd Banks hit "On Fire."

Furthermore, he stated that there was going to be a Hip-Hop dance to accompany the song.

"You know we got all of that. You know I bring the heat, that's what I do. If it's starting to feel hot big Will must be in the area," he stated with the swagger of a person who collects $20 million per film.

While Will has had a number one movie a number of times, with monster flicks like "Independence Day," he stated this film was a departure from his others. In "i Robot," he acted as executive producer of the film, a new level of control.

Of the move, he explained, "I think that there are a lot of filmmakers, actors, and directors that wouldn't get a shot at Hollywood, and I wanna open up the world to film for a lot of people that may not get a shot in this business."

Over the course of his career, Will has sold over 25 million albums and his catalog (along with DJ Jazzy Jeff) includes hits like "Summertime," "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It," "Just the Two of Us," "Parents Just Don't Understand," and others.

Movie-wise, he's had tremendous success with films like "Bad Boys (I & II)," "Men in Black (1 & 2)," "Independence Day," "Ali" and others.

Source: Allhiphop.com

I don't know if this has been posted before or not..just thought i would let y'all see this article!!

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