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Another Vipa GTS Remix..


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Yo Vipa, this is real nice. It would sound good on a mixtape. You should've turned up the vocals on this beat tho, made it sound better than what it is. It's real good none the less. I hope your making moves beyond just the forum cuz your a skilled producer.

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Seeing as how DMX is pretty hot on the forum right now, Vipa, another opportunity for ya man. Remix "Lord Give Me A Sign"


Calling All MySpace Producers!!! Lord Give Me A Sign REMIX CONTEST

Are you a producer with a myspace artist page?

Think you got hot beats?

Go to myspace.com/dmx and download the vocals for Lord Give Me A Sign, make your own original remix, add it to your myspace page and send a message with the subject line "LORD GIVE ME A REMIX" for your chance to win.

Deadline for this contest is July 28th.

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Haha, thanks. Take Ya time :2thumbs:

thanks for listenin everyone. Stay on the Watch. Some Net Tapes in the works. I'm hoping by the end of the year, might have to postpone one of them too early 07 though.

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