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Jazzy Jeff @ Hertfordshire University

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Hey Tim (and anyone else that may have heard or know about this!)

I just heard from a source that Jeff will be performing at my old uni (University of Hertfordshire) for the freshers ball in September! Do you kow anything about it and if not, would you be able to find out?

If this is true I will be amazingly happy! I need this hook up Tim!


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wow, that's insane man! Hope it works out for ya, maybe you can get Jeff to lay some of your beats down and you can rap over them... dream come true?!

Ah man! If that happened I would actually die on stage!

A good way to go ??

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holy snap...I wanna go :lolsign: I live twenty minutes away from that Uni and that's the Uni my sis is going to in september...holy snap she can get me tickets....i'll meet up with Brakes there aswell :lolsign: thanks 4 this..I gotta get info on it.

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