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Method Man Slams Wendy Williams


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2006-07-14 14:06:14 -

Rapper/actor METHOD MAN has launched a scathing attack on New York radio host WENDY WILLIAMS, after she told listeners about his wife's secret cancer battle.

The RELEASE YO DELF hitmaker, real name CLIFFORD SMITH, was horrified when Williams announced on her syndicated show THE WENDY WILLIAMS EXPERIENCE that his wife was suffering from the potentially-fatal illness.

Speaking to internet hip-hop show THE BREAK DOWN, the former WU-TANG CLAN rapper fumes, "You can attack me any way that you want to. But you don't attack my family.

"My wife had nothing to do with that.

"Her family members didn't even know she was sick. Everybody looking at her, staring at her. You know how uncomfortable that makes somebody feel? Especially someone that's going through chemo? "Stupid a*s bitch!"

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LL Cool J also mentioned Wendy Williams in his autobiography about how he thinks that she's negatively influencing young girls who listen to the radio to start gossiping...

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I cannot stand Wendy Williams, her radio show is unbearable, I always change the station whenever she comes on, I don't understand why she is famous in the first place, she is loud, obnoxious, and annoying...

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Wutang Clan aint nothin to **** with :lolsign: Wendy is terrible. I loved how The Source smashed her.

Dude I have never even heard the show but what i have heard is ALL THE SLAMS BACK at her

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