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Check Out This New R&B Talent: "Boxie"!


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I just found that guy. He`s upcoming R&B singer. On his MySpace you can listen to some of his stuff. One of that songs is "Mama`z Son" (It just stardet playing when I opened the page). Thats a very nice song.. obiviously about his mum! Its has a smooth beat with very good matches his voice. The song has a pretty old classik R&B feeling to it! I cant stop listening to it! I hope he`s gonna bring more stuff like that! Is voice itself is very nice! It`s diffrent from the usual voices. I love it, and I think this guy has allot of potencial! He wont officialy put out anything right now caus hes signed at The Inc. and right now they are looking for a distribution deal after they left Def Jam.

You should Check it out if you want, especaly you guys that love R&B!


EDIT: You can download the song here:


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