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Favorite rapper or rappers


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My favs:

Marcelo D2 (brazil)

LeesSang (korean rap duo)

Will Smith

Lil Kim

Mc Lyte

I also like

Drunken Tiger (Korea)

m-flo (Japan)





Foxy Brown


singers who rap

Leehom (Taiwan)

Jay Chou (Taiwan)

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who is Remix??? :jusmindyabizness:

He is my best friend/cousin :3-laugh3: Of course I'm going to be biased though, because we are very close.

But I think he is a really good rapper. He is working on his first album right now. I might produce a little for his album. He and I are probably going to make a lot more hip hop together when we are older though, because he lives in Flordia right now, and I live in Minnesota.

Is there any chance that you could upload a mp3 or a song snippet?

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