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DMC Steppin' out of Retirement?


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I have those 24 hour, all music channels. So anyway, I was on the Rap channel today. While they play a song, they have facts and stuff about the artist.

It said that Darryl McDaniels was going to be on Dilated Peoples new album "Neighborhood". Just thought some of you guys might want to know.
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Guest Prince
[quote=sonic1988,Mar 17 2004, 08:36 PM]it is kinda dumb now that they are broken up I mean they could just hire DJs to do what jam masta used to do  :dj:[/quote]
No offence, but the only dumb thing is saying that. Nobody could ever replace Jam Master Jay! :slap: Edited by Prince
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[quote=sonic1988,Mar 17 2004, 08:36 PM]it is kinda dumb now that they are broken up I mean they could just hire DJs to do what jam masta used to do :dj:[/quote]
Yo, that has got 2 be 1 of the most ignorant things i've EVER read. That's like something happening 2 FP and then someone saying "Jeff could just get someone 2 do what FP used 2 do."

Can't nobody begin 2 fill the Adidas of Jam Master Jay...only somebody who knows nothing about him could say that. I do think they should work 2gether in the future tho'...but they retired Run-DMC, it's not the same without Jam Master Jay.
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Exactly, they really retired Run-DMC as a group out of respect for JMJ.

You have to respect any groups descision on what they do if a member dies.

Im sure AJ agrees, especially as TLC did the opposite but in just as respective way.
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When something tragic like that happens, i have no problem if the group retires or pushes on. I totally understand why a group would wanna retire after losing a member. But at the same time, i like the idea of them continueing on the legacy of the group b-cuz it's what they love. The only thing i would not like is 4 a group 2 "replace" a member, that's just stupid.

I waz really awaiting the next Run-DMC album. During the Crown Royal album, they were going thru' some drama and were working their way back in2 the industry. The focus this time waz gonna be more on Hip-Hop rather than fusing rap and rock. Their friendships were stronger 2. I can't imagin not hearing new Run-DMC but i know they have the right kinda reason. If they did the production themselves (don't know if they are really producers) or had lots of other producers handling it, i'd gladly support them.

TLC waz kinda in the same situation. During FanMail, they were going thru' personal drama and all that waz fixed. The focus on the new album waz gonna gonna be taking it back 2 their roots (no commercial futuristic funk) and they wanted 2 do and album of songs featuring all of them rather than putting on half solo and duo trax. TLC has said they will no longer release new albums, but that TLC is 4ever. They still show up at events 2gether and have talked about a farwell tour AND working 2gether on their solo albums (they are also producing movies and sitcoms 2gether).

Both of these losses really hit me hard cuz they are amoungst my favorite groups of all time and i grew up with both of them.

Rest In Peace Left Eye + Jam Master Jay
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Yo, I saw DMC cameo in the new Dilated People's Video Tonite on 106&Park and that was reppin' what hip-hop is! You gotta give props to the legends, you n'ah mean! Holla!
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