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What Are You Listening To? XII

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Jamie Foxx - VIP

"Everybody’s with me

Halle Berry, JADA, (and) Mary J. Blidge,Latica

And Latifah, Oprah tonight

(All my homies with me)

T. Cruise and BIG WILLIE, Usher and P. Diddy

Denzel, Samuel, tonight, tonight "

I think he`s refering to Jadakiss and not to Jada Smith.

Yeah, that would explain why the "JADA" is included with all the other female celebrities mentioned

You got a point there :rofl: I`m just not used to singers/rappers refering to Jada with..well.. Jada. They mostly say Jada Pinket etc. caus Jada mostly is Jadakiss. But I guess ya`ll are right on this one, tho we never saw Jadakiss in a bikini. :lolsign:

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WARREN G feat. NATE DOGG - I Need A Light

In The Mid-Night Hour (2005)

I finally got this album...it's real good. Over half of it is just that perfect west coast G-funk, sampled stuff.

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