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What the hell is fairy tales 1? Never heared of that. Sounds like a children's movie. Please tell me.


Will did the voice for Pinocchio.

I'm gonna have to buy this when i get my money. To bad it costs over 20 dollars to send it from england to sweden...

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Havent got many myself, don't see the point cos they aren't all that great, and i'm a music fan at heart.

I do have on VHS or DVD


Bad Boys 1&2

Enemy of the State


Independance Day



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Hitch (DVD)

I, Robot (DVD)

Bad Boys II (VHS + DVD)

Men in Black II (DVD)

Ali (VHS)

The Legend of Bagger Vance (VHS)

Wild Wild West (VHS + DVD)

Enemy of the State (VHS +DVD)

Men in Black (VHS + DVD)

Independence Day (VHS)

Bad Boys (DVD) + Collectors Edition

Six Degrees of Separation (DVD)

Where the Day Takes You (DVD)

The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air (Season 1,2,3)

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