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off topic i sorry i need help


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Hey people need your help.

Im looking for a software called Adobe creative suite 2

I looked on the offical adobe site and as you can imagine prices are high. times are hard and friends are few.

if anybody knows of a good reliable site that sells this or can get it for cheap please feel free to pm me.

hope you can help!

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Ok, this is a bit of a rant, and I don't mean anything personally by it, but I'm gonna rant anyways. :)

I can't access that site, so I don't know about it specifically, but I have seen many that sound similar, which I very much hate. The reason why I hate those sites is that those folks are making money off of other peoples work. As a software developer, I would much rather you steal my product directly than give money to someone else who's stolen my product. I know it seems kinda odd, I don't get paid either way, but I see it that way for a couple of reasons. For some strange reason, I see it as ethically better... Maybe you can't afford my prices, maybe you won't use it very much, you could have many semi-legit reasons for not buying my product. But if there's money going out, I want it in my hands, if there isn't, than I'm not out anything. Also, by giving money to those folks, you're giving them even more incentive to go through the effort of stealing my software. (generally, when software gets stolen, it's only a few people that make it stealable) Finally, these places frequently try to confuse legitimate customers into thinking they're getting a legal copy but at a great price, when they're actually not getting a legal copy at all. If those customers had known, they would have bought it from me instead. So please, don't buy my products from illegit places, just steal them, I would be happier. Of course, I would always rather have you buy them from me. :)

But, just to be clear, I don't know if the site mentioned is or is not offering legit products, but super small prices and a name including "warez" seems like it's not very legit... of course, that could just be what they want you to think. :)

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I see your point Schnazz! I do however think these sites are slightly more ethical than just stealing products! I mean the customers are still willing/and are paying for the vasrious products! Some people might not have the money to pay full price for a certain package but at a discounted price, it might be more viable.

I'm not saying this way is right, I'm just saying its better than stealing it and not paying for it at all!

Out of interest Schnazz what software have you been a part of developing that's available?

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