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Be on the look out for a Koffee Blakk/Kel Spencer exclusive!


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Yea good luck with that. Keep us posted with the project too!!! We'll definately support it anyway we can, cuz kel's our boy... He don't know it yet.. but Imma marry that joka when i turn 20! but i cant seem to get past 19... :damnyou: LOL... :2thumbs:

on da serious tip... do it !!!!!



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damn man!! :2thumbs: :2thumbs: :2thumbs:

Yup yup, and I owe that to you man, appreciate the hook up fo'real.

And I want to make sure that the project is perfect, so I got my boys pullin out stops on the beats. Also, they're gonna be sliding Kel some production for his mixtape, so hopefully he chooses em.

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