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Kanye West mentions JJFP

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Dude..it's like a love song.. Why should it be a diss?

Yesterday I was half the man you see

Baby thats because you the other half of me

You my number 1 hit on the line of the charts

I'mma FedEx my love and have you sign for my heart

For my number 1 I keep ya dumb fly

Fresh to death you like after death

I resurrected my gold Jesus of Nazareth

Now we Fresh as a Prince while they Jazzy Jeff

I remember reading an interview in Kingsize Magazine in sweden. Kanye said JJFP was one of his favourite acts when he was young. But then everyone got into the gangsta and party act and he was called a geek for listening to JJFP. So he started listening to all that jiggy **** that came out. And you can notice that on Kanyes yearly producing for like Jermaine Dupri or his ghostproducing for D-dot. It sounded really wack, like all those wack ass party beats.

It's just wordplay. It's not like he means the girl really is the half of him or that he fed-exed his love. And he certainly didn't resurrect his gold jesus of nazareth.

Damn.. y'all gotta loosen up. Just chillout. There ain't no conspiracy against Will. Besides in the boardrooms of Warners and Universal...

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Yeah like I said Kanye's one of the few rappers who openly speak out about how much he likes JJFP so I don't think it'd be a diss, it was a reference, Kanye's one of the only rappers who doesn't diss other rappers to sell records and to diss another rapper on a love song would just be silly, that'd be like LL Cool J or Nick Cannon dissing JJFP, I don't see that happening, lock thread

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