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Trey & Pakalicous - "Milez of Jamz"


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Trey & Pakalicous - Milez of Jamz


Yo, so we be flowin’ to dis jam

Grabin’ da mic, we be like wham

Hotta then lava, colda then ice

Addin’ some mo suger & spice

Yeah, Pak gonna beat da crap outta you

You don’t want him to prove to ya it’s true

Do what ya do, you gonna be a sucess

Some of those jamz you talk about are a mess

We M.C.s who like to play wit the mic

No gangsta clothes, we got a tux and Nikeeeeeee

We hold da dopest jamz, parted starded

Rockin’ wit it ya, make da parties parted

Pak gonna be like Snoop, messin’ wit yo mind

I’ma be like Kanye, record a dope find

People screamin’ our name, we be rollin’ in hot cars

Hommie, mess wit one of us, you gonna see stars

So this is the milez of jamz, you gotta feel this beat

Y’all who’ve never heard us befo, you’re in fo a treat

[Chorus (both)]

We be bringing you the Milez of (What what?)

The Milez of(What what?)

The Milez of(What what?)

(The Milez of Jamz)

We bringing Milez of(What what?)

The Milez of(What what?)

The Milez of(What what?)

(The Milez of Jamz)


Baby bring out the cake and fellas pump your brakes

like Big Willie in Philly I will have a cheesesteak

Im startin from the base, you never stopped with the hatte

I never left, so why yall screamin “Welcome Back” like Mase

“You wanna ball with the kid, watch your step you might fall” (Sample)

Try to spit like i did, I was Uhhh you was Aaaa

Now you wrong with that sh*t, you sound way to much gay

We’ll party Like N.W.A, Cube aka Trey and Im Dre

Straight outta Norway, I wont stop until the mic is dead

Instead, Im laid back drinking and “gettin some he*d”

Im getting more cred, STOP you be bettin your bread

Stop dancing like a moron, you making a fool outta yourself

We bring you the "Miles of Jamz", now scream if you feel this

and pop your collar and pretend like you doing it big

Who’s that kid? Thats the illest Paki who is livin it

With Trey he be kickin it, Wont Stop. He’ll keep spittin it

[Chorus three times fade..]

Hope y'all like it! :smart:

Edited by Trey
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I think trey has to work harder.

Yeah, I wrote my verse in a hurry. Wasn't my best. :shrug:

I agree with Loco for both things. I'm feeling Pak's verse.

Trey can I ask why you wrote it in a hurry? And why finalise it if you know it isn't your best? You should always put 100% effort into what you write. Be a perfectionist. Go through it again and again until you're completely happy with it. Otherwise, what's the point in writing at all?

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I read pak's verse more carefully dis time, its hype, n yeah Trey i know u workin wit us n all dat, but its better to make few excellent songz, than lots of "decent" ones.

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That was good guys...I agree with the others aswell...Trey u my homie n everything, but ya need to concentrate a little harder and get that sudden burst of inspiration from somewhere....keep trying you'll only get better...

And pakalicouis that was a good verse man...keep it up ya'll

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Yeah, I'm definatly gonna re-write my verse to my liking. Maybe make it a bit mo "gangsta" :lolsign:

Thanks for da comments y'all.

Anyone else like to diss me on my horrable verse? :rofl:

Edited by Trey
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Nah it wasn't horrible or bad or anything...we just believe u have more talent than your showing us...don't think we're disrespecting u or nefin :lolsign: but we all know ur new at this and ur not going to be the best in split second...keep it up and concentrate hard on ya work and you'll be fine...

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