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Ryan Toby Wrote 'Miami'

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I was just browsing artists on myspace and I came across Ryan Toby's page (One third of 'City High' and starred in Sister Act II) and saw this sentance in his about me bit:

"Alot of people don't know that I wrote Will Smiths big hit "MIAMI" and I also co-wrote "SUPERSTAR" "CAUGHT UP" and "FOLLOW ME" on Ushers "CONFESSIONS" album just to name a few."

Now this would suggest that he wrote the whole song as he goes on to state that he co-wrote some of Usher's songs. Does anyone know if there is any truth in this?? :hmm:

Here's his myspace address: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendid=29601511

I'm definately gonna check out his new album! The songs I've heard so far seems like its gonna be my type of album!

EDIT: Just been looking back at old topics and seen that he did a lot of work on BWS! my bad!

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His profile looks "official" enough to me, and dat estatement bout Will's song, uhm, i still beleive Will wrote it, dat guy doesnt figure in the list of co-writers, rite?

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Ryan Toby co-wrote some tracks on LL's new album too and he was featured on one of them called "I've Changed"....

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